Dear apartment complex (whom shall not be named),

To say that the day has been weird might possibly be an understatement. It started out normal, like any other second day of the semester might go. I went to class, work, and the grocery store. However, about thirty minutes after returning home, I sat down to do my homework, and alas! A stranger walked through our door. Now (dear reader), if you've been following this journey with me, you might have seen the utter shock that I went through when our previous roommate left without warning. I guess that things in this world come into our lives the same way that they exit - shockingly.

Hey apartment complex, I'm not necessarily angry. I'm just disappointed (total mom move by the way). I am now filled with a plethora of questions. First of all, how did this happen? Why did you promise us that we wouldn't be getting another roommate last semester? Who is she? And most importantly, why did we not know that she would be moving in today or at all?

The dynamic in our little home will now change. We've become such a strong family and trying to explain that all to someone without scaring them might be difficult. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about the opportunity presented and the chance to make a new friend. However, I don't think you (the complex) handled this entire thing in the best way. A girl, whom we don't even know the last name of, is moving in and you have the audacity to do absolutely nothing about it. How do you expect us to handle this? Calmly?

I don't know if "shock" is in one of the five stages, but that is all we are feeling right now. Utter shock. And a little bit of anxiety. What's going to happen to our rhythm? What's going to happen to our family? Is she even a good person?

All of these questions await answers, and we haven't been able to sit still since she walked in.

So, apartment complex, I like Chick-fil-a gift cards with an apology.