5 Reasons You Should Quit Your Juul
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5 Reasons You Should Quit Your Juul

The whole "healthier than cigarettes" verse is nothing but a myth.

5 Reasons You Should Quit Your Juul

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s a piece of cake to quit e-cigarettes cold-turkey, but if you ask me, you really should. Here are five reasons why.

1. It is NOT a healthier alternative to cigarettes.

The typical misconception is that there isn’t enough evidence showing the effects e-cigarettes can have on your body. To a certain extent, that’s true. The studies are limited, and the population samples for each of the experiments are small, yet nonetheless, they exist.

While the effect e-cigarettes have on your lungs cannot be compared to the risks caused by cigarette-smoking, they’re just as bad. E-cigarettes contain flavorants like diacetyl, a compound severely linked to a number of lung diseases. Not to mention, the U.S. Surgeon General organization claims some electronic cigarettes may be composed of lead, nickel, and tin. That doesn’t sound too healthy, does it?

2. You can smoke it anywhere, and that’s a problem.

If you’ve switched from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes you have probably already figured this one out. Chances are, you're either in denial or too deep into the habit to let go of your Juul.

Reality is, because there’s no risk of second-hand smoke, people smoke e-cigarettes everywhere and twice as much as cigarettes. They smoke it in bars, in restaurants, hell I’ve seen some friends even whip their Juuls out in libraries. Ah, midterm season.

Since e-cigs produce smoke that evaporates, don’t need lighters, and don’t harm those around you, why not smoke it in public? Oh right, there’s your health to ponder over too.

3. Your Juul is dehydrating you.

So now you know why your throat’s been aching. Or maybe it’s been going on for so long that you can barely tell at this point.

News flash: your e-liquid carries a compound called Propylene Glycol which dries out your mouth excruciatingly fast. And sometimes, it can have the same effect on your throat, lungs, and nose. Check out this website if you want to prevent dehydration when vaping. Or, just throw away your vape.

4. If you’re not addicted already, you may end up smoking cigarettes.

What happens when your Juul or your Phix is out of battery? You’re at a bar or in a club, and your friend offers you a cigarette. What’s that saying again? Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. If it has nicotine, and you’re craving it, you’re probably gonna smoke it.

5. If you’re younger than 25, it’s affecting your brain development.

This might come as a no-brainer to most of you, but according to our great new friend the U.S. Surgeon General , nicotine can alter the way your brain develops. Bottom line is, that smokey break is doing you more harm than good. Obviously.

Now I’m not saying I practice what I preach, but there’s no doubt in hell we should all steer clear from substances meant to be inhaled.

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