Quick And Easy Christmas Gifts
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Quick And Easy Christmas Gifts

Cause "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That"

Quick And Easy Christmas Gifts

Ahhhh Christmas: the season of giving. Whether you're ready for it or not, it's approaching and it's coming for you (and your wallet). You're probably drowning in papers, finally projects, and have no idea what to get your family and friends (not to mention that random secret Santa you got a work . . . UGH!) But don't worry, we got you. Here are some quick, easy, and inexpensive gifts for just about anybody!

For your bff

Okay, so let's be honest. You should know this. But just in case you tuned out during your last trip to the mall when she was drooling over that new Lily Pulitzer agenda, here's a few ideas:

1. Crafty wine glass . . . or just about anything else alcoholic

Either you can take a quick trip to Michael's and go glitter these things or simply pick one up at the mall! They're everywhere - super cute and super easy on the wallet.

2. Something cozy

I know I know . . . socks. A kid's worst nightmare to open on Christmas morning. But let's be real, we all secretly love these adorable packages when they complete our PJ look in front of the fireplace.

For your siblings

Family gifts are just about the easiest thing for you if you're close. You know those you shared the same womb with inside and out. But just in case you've hit a wall with them this year, here's a few hints:

1. Adult coloring book for her

Last year, these were all the rage. Don't let the good things die! These coloring books are proven to soothe your annoying sister. And if they don't, just steal them when she gets on your nerves and they'll work their magic on you instead!

2. Something completely ridiculous for him

Either you should get your brother something you know he absolutely needs (like more protein powder) or just go in the opposite direction completely. Guys are generally easy to please and it'll give everyone a good laugh.

For your parents

Parents will love you know matter what. They understand you're busy with school and work and don't want you to go broke at their expensive. That being said, showing up the rest of your family by having the best gift is always a plus.

1. Coffee

Coffee, a Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks card, a new coffee maker, or even simply make their coffee for them on Christmas morning. They'll be so grateful! You know first hand (having yourself as a child), they're going to need it.

2. An offspring Christmas card

When you were younger, this was cute. Now it's just too funny! Have these PJs at hand for a good laugh.

3. Anything sentimental

Or you can go old school and give the gift that keeps on giving . . . yourself!

For that awkward secret Santa

Yeah, we've all been there. Your co-workers organized the dreaded white elephant. You pulled the name of someone you barely know and are at a total loss. It's okay, take it easy!

1. Gift card!

You can't go wrong.

2. Seriously. . . just get a gift card.

Good luck this Christmas Season!

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