20 Things That Are Getting Me Through Self-Quarantine
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20 Things That Are Getting Me Through Self-Quarantine

*Julie Andrews voice* These are a few of my quarantine things!

20 Things That Are Getting Me Through Self-Quarantine

I can't believe I've been quarantined for over a month now. It feels like I've only been home for a few weeks. I guess time flies when you're having fun, and doing nothing at home is what I consider a good time.

While I have enjoyed this time of relaxation, I won't lie, it has been a bit of a struggle. I have had some internal freakouts, and worries about what bad thing may happen next. I mean, first it's the toilet paper, then it could be the toothpaste, or the fruit.

To occupy my time, when I'm not writing Odyssey articles or finishing up my senior year, I've found some pretty fun and unexpected ways to fill my time. You can find out some of these activities in this post here.

Since I've already done a post about my quarantine activities, this post is a little different. This post is all about the specific things that are getting me through this time. The things that have kept me sane and happy during these past few weeks. The things that I basically have been doing a lot more often.

Here are the 20 things getting me through self-quarantine, in no particular order.

1. Top Chef


While most people are binging Tiger King, I am binging Top Chef. Even though, I already know how most of these seasons end, and that some of them aren't all that great. It's been fun revisiting old seasons and realizing how amazing, or underrated, or how terrible some of them were. I had no idea why the first thing I wanted to binge when I finally had access to my parents' Netflix and Hulu accounts was Top Chef, but I'm glad it was.

2. Indian Food


Indian food is delicious, has several vegetarian options, isn't super unhealthy, and you'll most likely have leftovers. So it's pretty much the perfect quarantine cuisine for me. Plus, we have a lot of great Indian restaurants in my area, which are all available on delivery apps, so I am thriving.

3. Peanut butter & chocolate


If a food has a lot of chocolate in it, put some peanut butter on it. You will never regret it. Peanut butter and chocolate is classic comfort food. My go-to snack during quarantine has been peanut butter and chocolate chips.

4. Instagram Lives


While I am not doing any Instagram lives, I am enjoying watching other people's. It's strangely captivating watching semi-famous people answer questions. It's also fun to watch people apply makeup, or interview someone, or cook, or sing and dance in their living rooms. Some people are even putting on whole shows on Instagram, and you better support those people. And by support, I mean donate to their PayPal link they pin in the comments.

5. Dua Lipa's "Future Nostalgia" album

If you can't tell from this post, I am obsessed with Dua Lipa's "Future Nostalgia." The album is uplifting, danceable, catchy, fun, and both futuristic and nostalgic. It's what we need right now.

6. Taylor Swift's discography


Taylor Swift gets me through life, in general, but she's especially been getting me through this pandemic. Even her sad songs are helping me. There's nothing like listening to a Taylor song that you haven't heard in a while and realizing how great it is, or dancing to "Shake It Off," or strutting to "Style," or feeling like a bad bitch while blasting "Look What You Made Me Do."

7. Seltzer


I never realized how much seltzer I drink, until I was quarantined. I pretty much drink three cans a day. Especially since I'm trying to stop drinking juice, and water is boring. Luckily, I'm not drinking hard seltzer.

8. Wine glasses


Do you know how fun it is to drink out of wine glasses? Do you know how fun it is to drink other beverages out of wine glasses? I've drank sparkling cider, seltzer, and iced coffee out of wine glasses, and it makes me feel important.

9. eBay


This is the only way I am making money right now. Selling my old books on eBay. And god knows I need the money, because of the amount of takeout I am ordering. It's crazy how many things I don't need or want anymore, and that I can potentially sell online.

10. Large sweatpants


While at school, I ran out of clothes, and had no choice but to buy things at the bookstore. I accidentally bought a large pair of men's sweatpants. And thank god, because they are amazing. When it comes to sweatpants, which are our uniforms these days, the bigger the better. And men's sweatpants are just way more comfortable. God, men have it easy.

11. Jewelry


We all probably look gross right now. But don't underestimate the power of jewelry. I always try to wear jewelry everyday, no matter what my outfit choice is. Wearing jewelry just makes me feel like a beautiful, put-together woman, which is helping me actually get things done.

12. RuPaul's Drag Race season 12, see what I did there?


Is season 12 the greatest season ever? Probably not. But it's pretty entertaining, the majority of the queens are a lot of fun, and it is much needed right now. We should all support the s12 queens, since Drag Con was cancelled, they can't tour right now, and VH1 is doing everything to not give them attention with Celebrity Drag Race airing, and All-Stars 5 being announced. I will do a full review on the season once it ends.

13. Straight Up With Stassi


I have a lot more time to listen to podcasts these days. Which I love to do. I even have a blog dedicated to podcasts. The podcast I am listening to the most is Straight Up With Stassi. And it's amazing. Listening to Stassi complain and comment on things will make you realize how much you relate to her. It makes me feel like I'm not alone.

14. The Brooklyn Boys Podcast

Another podcast that is getting me through quarantine. There's nothing like listening to two New York men complain about nonsensical things and struggle to stay on topic.

15. Cat videos


Cat videos make everything better. We all know that. Facts are facts.

16. Iced coffee


The only way I am able to get anything done these days. I run on caffeine in general, but in quarantine, I need at least 1.5 cups a day. Late at night, I'll drink iced coffee in a shot glass, just so I can get some things done.



The best show on Bravo, period. There's no better distraction than watching a bunch of batshit crazy, semi alcoholic, middle aged women.

18. Stupid Love


Be honest, we've all tried to learn the choreography. Thank god Gaga finally gave us a release date for Chromatica, I was worried it was never going to come out. Even if that did happen, I'm pretty sure I could survive on Stupid Love alone.

19. The Try Guys


I have to give a ton of credit to The Try Guys. They are still putting out content, even while self-isolating. Plus, all their recent quarantine content is relatable and helpful for surviving this difficult time.

20. Writing Odyssey articles


This might sound cheesy, self-promoting, and/or me being a kiss ass, but writing for The Odyssey has helped me. The fact that I can just write whatever I want is therapeutic for me.

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