When you're in a college environment, it is so easy to get swept away by your environment. Between peer pressure, the need to make new friends, and finding yourself, it's easy to lose track of your core values and beliefs. But no matter what happens or what gets in your way, always be proud of who you are.

Every year of college has taught me something different. This year, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out who my true friends are and who I am, especially. I started to run into this problem where I felt uncomfortable in certain social settings because I didn't think the same things other people thought were "fun," or "cool," were even that fun or cool. And when I thought differently, I felt isolated. But I knew it was too late to change who I was.

At 21, you should be embracing every aspect of yourself, and not changing so others like you. I didn't need the approval of popular people. So I decided to start spending more time with the people that appreciated me for me. And all of a sudden life got a lot happier. There are going to be a lot of moments where you want to fit in, but a part of loving yourself is being proud of who you are. No matter who is around, or what other people believe in around you.

Every person is so special for their own reasons and brings their own talents to the table. When you are in a setting where people act a way you are not used to or not comfortable with, it is okay to walk away. In the end, no one will judge you if you do not let them. Don't be afraid to hang out with the group of kids people think are "weird," if you like them. Chances are, they are not that weird. Just remember who you are deep inside and be proud of that.