The Pros And Cons To Being A Photographer
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The Pros And Cons To Being A Photographer

The Pros And Cons To Being A Photographer
Grant Gaffney

I’ve been a photographer for about 5 years now, and shot in many different places and events. These are some of my experiences and what I've learned. Below are my reasons I've truly love being a photographer, and why It can be truly frustrating at times.


1. If you’re lucky, it’s your job

The places it can take you can be incredible. Anywhere from shooting on the sideline of your favorite sports team to traveling the world for free. This has to be one of the greatest things about being a photographer.

2. The joy of a great photograph

The joy a photograph can bring is undeniable. You can bring joy to other people through your photographs, Don't believe me? Go shoot a middle school game, and give them the photographs after. They love it, most of them will probably post it on social media.

3. Seeing beauty in everything

After a while of shooting you'll start to appreciate the little things, You'll see beauty in small things. You'll see things through a different light, now that you are aware of apertures, shutter speeds, exposures, and angles (just to name a few) you'll start to appreciate other photographs more.

4. Having a greater appreciation for light

Like I said in number three, you'll appreciate smaller things. You'll notice how light is positioned, how it hits your subject, how to compensate for little light. After learning how to manipulate your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO based on the light available you will have a completely new view on light.

5. You get paid to do something you love

I would say most Photographers start shooting because its something they love, and continue from there. When you finally get good enough, you can make it your career. You get paid for what you love to do. “Do what you love and you'll never work a day in you life.”

6. You capture a Moment in time

Think about it, you are freezing a moment in time that would otherwise have been forgotten. Thats amazing. That moment can be remembered forever now.


1. You’re never in many photos

People are always asking you to take group photos or the photos for an event. Meaning you're not usually in many photos.

2. You’re extremely picky with images

You’re picky with the quality of pictures, you want someone to take a picture like you would, meaning it’s not easy to let someone else take the picture because it probably won’t be right to you or as good as you may want. Which is something you have to learn to accept.

3. Good cameras and gear are expensive

You don't need to have a good camera to be good but, with today’s technology people want the best possible quality they can have, especially if you are selling images. This means that you have to fork out a good amount of money for the equipment needed. Just for an idea of the cost associated: a Nikon entry level full frame DSLR camera body runs about $1,500 currently (Nikon’s current sale price), a 50mm lens runs about somewhere in the range of $100-150, a decent zoom lens will set you make another $500-800 minimum. Meaning that to start, you’re going to be shelling out $2,100 at the low end, not including batteries, flashes, and other accessories. Many lenses can easily exceed over thousands of dollars. Being a photographer comes with a price tag.

4. Many people think “It’s the Camera”

While the camera may take some good images in the automatic setting. The camera can only do so much. Try to take a picture while in the automatic setting when there is low light with out the flash going off. You most likely can’t. A photographer will know to drop the shutter speed, pump up the ISO, and drop the aperture if needed. Good photographers think of different perspectives, know how to frame a good photo, and know how important the composition is. While the camera may be able to do many things, the camera cannot do it with out someone who has the knowledge of how to manipulate the settings to capture what they want to achieve.

5. People overlook photographers

You know that iconic image of your favorite sports team or player, well do you know the photographers name? Most of you wont be able to answer this, proving my point. People recognize great images but not the artist behind the image even though his/her name may be on the image.

6. Sometimes you just want to enjoy it as well

People sometimes ask you to take photos of the event, just because you're a photographer. While sometimes you don't mind, other times you would just like to enjoy they game or party like everyone else.

While there are some cons to being photographer, there are many pros as well. I love when I have the chance to shoot, it’s a passion of mine and its taken me to some incredible places and given me opportunities I wouldn't have had otherwise. Such experiences include shooting at FHSAA Basketball Final Four, NCAA photographer, Weddings, as well as almost having photograph featured in USA TODAY.

To all those aspiring photographers just start shooting, you'll never know where it will take you.

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