25 Questions To Ask When Apartment Hunting
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25 Questions To Ask When Apartment Hunting

If it feels right, open the door to your new home.

25 Questions To Ask When Apartment Hunting

Putting your first payment into your new home is an amazing feeling. Getting there is a process though. A lot of college students are looking for homes to rent with their buddies for the next school year to get out of the dorms. But do you know what all goes into finding the perfect place to invest your money in?

Let's find out what main things you should look for and ask when you are apartment or house hunting.

1. How long is the lease? Will it go up?

2. What is the security deposit & down payment for the property?

3. Are there any late fees for the rent?

4. What utilities are included in the cost?

5. Smoking or nonsmoking?

6. Pet-friendly?

7. Maximum number of individuals the property can hold

8. Parking spaces. Street parking or is their a garage?

9. Amenities?

10. Laundry, on-site, in the unit?

11. Cable?

12. Flooring?

13. Outdoor space?

14. Room sizes?

15. Storage?

16. Outlets?

17. Water pressure? You do not want to be paying for something that is not going to have good pressure and waste more money

18. Natural light? Do you like having a lot of windows for natural light?

19. Locks/Security systems?

20. Decorating?

21. Commute?

22. Neighborhood safety?

23. Lawn care?

24. Nearby attractions?

25. Proximity to transit? (bus stop, train, bike routes)

In addition to these things to look for, one of the big things is to check the website familywatchdog.us for sexual predators in the area you are looking at. As well as the crime rates in the area. These are just some basic things to look for and ask the realtor. No question is a stupid question. Do not be afraid to ask lots of questions. That is a big part of adulting, and one step closer to finding your dream home while away at school.

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