Recently I read "Not Only Does Lack of Sleep Make You Cranky, But It Also Affects Your Relationships," and it is sad how relatable it has been as of recent. On a daily basis, I see myself at times during the day where I would lash out and my boyfriend would have to stop me and say "breathe."

"If you or your S.O. are sleep deprived, the conversation will go nowhere, and chances are both of you will end up fighting."

Now don't get me wrong, I am completely happy with my boyfriend and he's oh so patient with me, but sometimes with me being as busy as I am with a lot coming at once and most things happening within one week, it's really hard to show him just how happy I am.

Having two jobs (on and off campus), sorority commitments, and working final group projects in almost every class I have, it has been hard to find time for my relationship more so, hard to communicate since I haven't been getting the sleep that I have been needing since I am always on the go and the biggest workaholic.

My S.O and I have seen ourselves in situations where we have been loud to each other about the smallest things that at the end, we think we are the dumbest people to every fight about such tiny things, me more than him.

Lately, it has been me lashing out on him due to me being, at times, delusional and taking a lot that my S.O says to heart when it really isn't that big. From waking up cranky to slamming car doors because I get easily annoyed, and worst one of all, going to bed angry.

Never. Go. To. Bed. Angry.

You hear elderly people saying this all the time when asked how you stay in a long-lasting relationship and it's the truth. It will make things so much worse for the days to follow and it will never get better if it is a consistent thing.

"In addition, mutual respect for each other's sleep patterns and work schedules plays a huge role in strengthening a couple's relationship."

In one moment, you will see yourself happy-go-lucky and as if everything is okay but once you get a full busy week and your sleep schedule goes from 8 hours to 5 hours, you will see a huge change in how the week will plan out when everything can become so much for one person.

The biggest thing when it comes to these kinds of situations is communication. It's the most cliché rule in the book when it comes to relationships, but we also have to remember how crucial it is. Be open with your partner when you know that a long week is coming up and if you need help achieving some of your priorities, ask; it never hurts, and chances are they will have no hesitation to help.

Balancing between social, school and work can be tricky and there's a lot of time management skills that I have to put into works as of late, but in the end, I will get there.

When beginning our relationship, my boyfriend and I were completely understanding of our busy schedules and yeah, at times it does take a toll on us and has put some obstacles in our lives; but at the end of the day, the strengths will be tested and those obstacles are meant to be conquered. As long as you are open, honest, and willing, your relationship will end up on top.