prom prep for high school

Prom, also known as one of the best nights of your high school career, is literally right around the corner.

As my little sister is prepping way more in advance than I ever did I felt as if it was important to provide others with the same checklist as I did for her.

DO NOT HOLD THESE THINGS OFF! I did it every year, and I literally cannot stress enough how much better you'll feel about going if you don't put everything off until the very last minute.

Let's just hope that you other girls just aren't as forgetful as I am.

Looking back, no wonder prom always stressed me out. I would always forget about everything I needed to do until a week before the event.

My advice: don't do anything like me, and start planning ahead.

1. The dress

prom night dress

Literally the most important part of the whole event, and every time I would wait until the week before prom to get my dress.


You've got to consider whether or not you'll need any alterations. Plus, the longer you wait, the fewer choices you have.

2. Hair and make-up appointments

hair salon chairs

If you haven't already you need to book these babies NOW.

Different proms for schools near you typically go on at the same time, and girls at those schools always end up booking appointments at the same places too.

So just think, hundreds of girls at your school, plus hundreds of girls somewhere else all trying to book appointments at the same place, around the same time.

It's just a disaster trying to get an appointment somewhere the week before prom, so don't even think about it.

3. Nails

nail salon

For some reason, the nails always seemed to slip my mind until I'd hear someone else talking about it.

Most nail salons take walk-ins, but I know they'd appreciate it if they were given a heads-up at least a couple days before you come in.

4. Shoes

shoe fashion show

For some reason, I would always forget about the shoes too. One year I literally bought my shoes the day before prom. Don't do that to yourself either.

Plus, you've gotta have time to practice your model walk.

5. Jewelry


Okay, maybe I'm just forgetful because the jewelry would always be the last thing I'd get too.

I 10/10 recommend buying it when you buy your dress though just because you can see exactly how the two would look together, but that's just me.

6. Flowers

prom flowers

Go order those now while you're thinking about it.

Most importantly: DON'T FORGET TO PICK THEM UP! It's actually easier to do than you would think. I am speaking from experience.

7. The date

prom date

I've gone to prom with someone, and I've been by myself. Honestly, you'll have the same amount of fun either way. It's just your personal preference.

8. The car

pull up in car

Some people don't make a big deal out of this, but I know my high school did.

Book your whip now if you're wanting to arrive in something other than your normal, everyday car.

9. After-prom plans


Some people prefer iHop, others prefer parties.

It doesn't really matter as long as you're making your after-prom plans at least a couple days before-hand so you and your friends aren't sitting in the parking lot wondering what you're gonna do for the rest of the night.

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