11 Ways To Prepare For The Holidays If You’re Mr. Scrooge

When I was younger, I really enjoyed the holidays because it meant spending time with family and having time off from school. As a tradition, we would go on a cruise over Thanksgiving break and decorate for Christmas together as a family.

Once my brother left for college and my mom died, the holidays never felt the same. Since I've been in college, I normally stay in town for Thanksgiving because it's such a short break which means I'm either working or doing schoolwork.

For Christmas, I normally split my time between home and school so I can see family and enjoy some of the break. Overall, I don't particularly care for the holidays; however, this holiday season, I want to try to change that.

Make plans. 

Making plans will give you something to look forward to and hopefully take your mind off the holiday mayhem.

Get everything done ahead of time. 

Especially before Thanksgiving break, having all the work done will make the holiday more enjoyable and give you a chance to relax.

Push your worries aside. 

Instead of overwhelming yourself with the fact that it's the holiday break, take some time for yourself. Enjoy a nice bath, read a good book, play some games. Do something you haven't had the chance to do in a while without worrying about the responsibilities you have.

Be thankful for friends and family. 

The holidays are a time to share joy with friends and family so even if you don’t enjoy the holidays, at least be thankful for those around you.

Avoid holiday events. 

If you don't want to be reminded that it's the holiday season, don't go to events that focus on the holidays. Find different places to go and don't worry about what other people think.

Or try to get into the holiday spirit. 

Instead of avoiding the holidays, try to find events dealing with them that interest you. If you find something interesting, it might make the season easier.

Create your own traditions. 

We all grow up with certain traditions that our families follow, but when we move out, those traditions don't always continue. Therefore, we should try to create our own traditions that we can pass on to our children down the road.

Don’t overthink it, just relax. 

Instead of getting worked up, try to enjoy yourself. Take a load off and think about what the holidays mean to you, why you don't particularly like them, and how you could change that.

Watch your favorite movies. 

Whether it is Christmas-themed movies or any movies, the holidays are a good time to recap on all the ones you enjoyed throughout the year.

Explore a new hobby. 

Since the school year can be pretty busy, the holidays are a time when you can pick up new activities to continue into the new year. Find something that you've always wanted to try and do it!

Go outdoors. 

Staying inside can cause you to get claustrophobic so go out, find something to do, and keep yourself busy.

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