On the Precipice of Election Day

Today is the night before everything begins.

I’m sitting here in my room, typing this, trying to calm my nerves as I write this and scroll through CNN, which is all election talk.

Tomorrow our nation will choose between Secretary Hillary Clinton and businessman Donald Trump. One is a politician who has an understanding of how this nation works, what our Founding Fathers believed in, and how she can change this nation for the better. She has spent her life studying the documents so many want to protect the rights of, and she has learned through trial and error what works and what doesn't. She has made mistakes, yes, and lied about them, because her first thought is how she will look to the people she promised to protect. She is not perfect. But our other candidate is a racist, misogynistic businessman who will run the United States as such. He has no idea what the Oval Office will bring him, nor a true understanding of the effort it takes to change the world. He hires those to do his work for him, just like he will in office, and insults them when they do. He has no charm and a short temper. He will ally us with the countries we’ve fought against in previous wars, the countries that have hurt and murdered millions of people. This man has no concern for the people of the United States, those people who make this country the great republic that it is.

And yet, people wonder how to choose.

Well, for me, the answer is relatively simple. And honestly, if you haven’t chosen who you’re going to vote for by this evening, you haven’t been paying enough attention.

Lying is bad, especially when they cost people their lives. But you can’t save everyone. At least this candidate tried.

I have a feeling that the other will leave those to die. He will choose only to protect himself.

I am terrified for my country. I don’t agree with everything the candidate I voted for said, but I don’t agree with a single thing the other has said.

This country was founded for the people, by the people. Our greatest document begins with, “We the people…” In my eyes, only one candidate will work for the people. She will make mistakes. The other will NOT help. He’ll benefit only himself.

Go out and vote tomorrow. Think of your friends, your family, your future children, your future grandchildren. Will you be proud of your vote?

This election isn’t about us. It’s about the future, and who will best help this country. Our lives are short, but we can make a difference for those yet to come.

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