Being a liberal in America, it isn’t hard to figure out that I hate Donald Trump and almost everything he stands for. The one issue, however, that Donald Trump has gotten correct is the issue of political correctness and censorship. There was a meme going around the internet a couple of weeks ago that said something to the extent of: “what you call political correctness, I call manners” and it was aimed directly at Donald Trump. The issue I have with this meme is not that it advocates for politeness (there is a difference between being rude and making a well thought out argument) but that it completely downplays the very real issue that we are dealing with today in America, political correctness. Donald Trump and I are not alone in dealing with this as liberal comedians such as Bill Maher, Seth Macfarlane, Larry David, and Chris Rock have also spoke out on this issue.

We’re getting to a point in America where you can’t say anything jokingly without being called a sexist, a racist, or a xenophobe. One example of this is whenever somebody criticizes Hillary Clinton on her very poor voting record there’s always that idiot there to call the critic a sexist. That’s not reflective of all Hillary supporters as there are idiots and bigots in every group, but it is still pretty sad that someone would stoop to that level. There were even some people accusing Bernie Sanders of being sexist because of how hard he drilled her during debates. Bernie Sanders of all people. Sorry, but I thought they were just running against each other, silly me! The same thing happens when I try to criticize Obama for not being progressive enough (although he is much to the left of Ms. Clinton) I am called a racist by the same SJW idiots. What I believe they don’t understand is that when you call someone a sexist or a racist so liberally, it detracts from legitimate racism and sexism in America.

The policing of jokes is another form of political correctness. You can’t sit down and tell a simple joke that deals with racy topics without being called a sexist. People have become too damn serious and have forgotten how to tell a joke from someone being seriously racist and sexist. We need to regain the ability to laugh at ourselves. I often refer to myself as the Nickelback of the music department at Carson-Newman University. That’s not to say that Nickelback is a bad band (I like them, personally) it is just that they are often seen as jokes and it’s pretty clear to me that they don’t take themselves too seriously either. I mean, we’re talking about the band that sings songs like “S.E.X.” and “Shaking Hands”. That’s how I view myself and I’m perfectly fine with that because I know that it is all one big joke.

We’ve gotten to a point in America where comedians like George Lopez and Bill Maher will not come to college campuses anymore because they are afraid that they will offend somebody. But here’s the thing, you are allowed to be offended, you are not aloud to tell people what they can or cannot joke about. If you want to be an up tight little bitch, you don’t have to stay and listen to the joke…just don’t ruin everyone else’s fun. We need to learn to joke again…especially with orange Hitler and Grandma Nixon currently in the running to be the most powerful person in the world. It will be comedy that will get us all through this.