poem for boyfriend

One day my boyfriend and I were texting while I was in Rhode Island and he was in Connecticut. We were both feeling creative and wanted to release some feelings. So we took turns writing stanzas of a poem, and came up with this. Totally recommend group poetry.

"Everyone is Green" — Jesse Yelin and Cynthia Munrayos

Everyone is green

Green is everyone

While everyone is one

An unusual gray

Would have been the case

A single scent of vanilla all over your face

God's sweep of caramel embellishing you, and

The universe's milky way intertwining the

Fingers of all.

ripped, downward but not sad! Green is

what consumes. Green encases.

Scrambling, spooled-out, fool's obsession,

Perhaps a wise man's understanding Or

A woman's foolish misunderstanding

Taken advantage by some, an exception

Is made when traveled.

tripped, but did not fall! Green is what

We ingest.

Hi, how are you, I can eat greens!

You are how the particles of my greens

Spread within my frame.

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