Poetry On Odyssey: You Weren't Mine, Not Really

Maybe I shouldn't have read in between the lines

Maybe it never meant anything at all

Maybe I made it up inside my head

It's always when the sun is away

The stars dance in my eyes

In my bed is where I like you best

You make me feel at home, like I've got nothing to lose

I should not have let you in

I should have stayed away

I should have, I should have

But I didn't

I went out and saw you

I didn't even have to stare to know

That you would be the one to break my heart

Knowing when and where and how and why

You are the one from which I couldn't hide

You knew my soul and you knew

You were my world, but

with everything going on

Her, you, and me and them

Maybe it wasn't worth the fall

When the glass shatters and the world is in shreds,

I know that you won't be there

That's life after all.

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