9 Reasons To See "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again"

9 Reasons Your Next Movie Ticket Needs To Be For 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again'

If you're ready to sing your heart out, gush over the cuteness of young Bill, Harry and Sam, and sob like a baby - dance your way over to the theaters ASAP.


The second I heard one of my favorite movies was coming back, I couldn't contain my excitement. Heading to the theaters, my sister and I blasted the old soundtrack and anticipated a great sequel to "Mamma Mia!" - we were not disappointed! If you remotely love music, dancing, romance or travel (at all), you need to see this movie ASAP before it leaves the theaters.

1. Young Donna a.k.a. Lily James


Throughout the entire movie, the audience gets many flashbacks to young Donna's life including her travels around the world, young romances and spontaneous attitude. Lily James, recently seen in "Cinderella" and "Baby Driver," plays Donna in the film. She completely succeeds in this role - balancing cute, sassy and strong. She had big shoes to fill (especially since Meryl Streep plays grown-up Donna), but she takes the role and transforms it into her own!

2. Young Bill, Harry and Sam


I'll let you see the young Bill, Harry and Sam for yourself, but imagine the most perfect, model-esque characters ever. You'll find yourself rooting for one of the guys throughout the entire film. The young guys also sing their own songs which plays into their personality later on.

3. The Songs (new and old)


The soundtrack for this movie is already out (whoop!) with new songs and a few covers. One of the first songs is "When I Kissed The Teacher" when you first meet Donna and the Dynamos. The film does a great job of including all characters in the songs - not too much of one character or another.

4. Cher's Appearance


Yes, Cher does appear in this film (no spoilers here, it's in the trailer!). It's a little strange, kind of random but completely necessary for some reason. She has one solo in the film, "Fernando."

5. The New Donna and the Dynamos


In Donna's absence (you'll learn about it in the film), Sophie (Donna's daughter) joins forces with the Dynamos. They give her advice throughout the film, act as comedic relief and perform a song in true Dynamo fashion!

6. Tanya and Rosie


Speaking of the duo, Tanya and Rosie are back, and it's like they never left! They're a little older but with the same spunk and humor.

7. The Romantic Backstories


Every time Donna met one of the guys, you wished her life was yours. From a romantic stop in Paris to a sail boat ride on the ocean, each romantic backstory perfectly matches what you could've imagined from Donna's original diaries. The film did a great job of connecting the original film to Donna's young life.

8. The Entire-Cast Ansembles


You thought they were over? Nope. There are a few all-cast take overs in the film. Although they are a little cheesy, what else could you expect from a musical movie?



The nostalgia hits you hard in this movie (especially the end). The film does a great job of mixing the past and present, leading to an emotional ending for "Mamma Mia!" lovers and new-watchers alike.

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