For some reason, it always feels like the weeks leading up to spring break get longer and longer and the tasks to complete get harder and harder. Spring break is the ONE break that we all get to look forward to during the semester and for some reason, every professor seems to think that it's the perfect time to give us three group projects, four essays, and a test. Don't they know that we are all thinking about tanned skin, drinking with friends, and these 9 other things?

1. When you're studying for mid terms

Stay strong, it'll all be over soon.

2. When the professor assigns a 10 page paper due before break

I need at least 5 months to figure out how to cite in APA style.

3. When the sales person asks what kind of bathing suit you're looking for

Please don't tell my mom though.

4. When the professor says "now I know some of you won't do any work over break, so get it done before"

I'll do it I swear! Ok I won't.

5. Literally everyday you sit in class leading up to spring break


6. When you're trying to get that beach body, but fail by day two

You don't need it anyways. You're perfect the way you are.

7. When you turn to meditation for guidance, but then you can't remember if you had something due today

Spoiler: you probably did.

8. When you way over packed your stuff, but still managed to get the suitcase closed

In the words of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" queen, Melissa Gorga, "Thank you Jesus".

9. When you survived and it's finally time for spring break

You did it! Now where's the tequila? I'm pretty sure I failed my 10 page paper.