Memes and GIFs make the world go 'round. It's why the sun rises most mornings, it's why soda isn't that bad for you, and it makes the work week feel more like 5 days instead of 726 lifetimes. Memes and GIFs bring clarity to one's life, something resembling a life coach if you will. It can brighten up the simplest of responses, aka boring conversations. It also helps emotionally stunted humans, like myself, who are full of sarcasm and devoid of any true feelings to better communicate from behind screens (because face-to-face, sarcasm is so much more effective, and you're less likely to be viewed as an asshole). And by communicate, I mean we send what we're really thinking, but since it's surrounded by humor, it masks the real intent of our message.

Or does it?



Whatever. All that really matters here is that the key to world peace is only a GIF away. And even if that's not true (which it is), being able to explain/clarify/justify your feelings in memes is cheaper than a therapist. And finding that perfect GIF to describe the ShavedHeadBritneySpears crisis your life is currently undergoing can make it easier to look yourself in the mirror. Especially since everyone else around you seems to have their shit together, can emotionally cope on an adult level, or can just cope in general

Britney Spears 2007 2007 BritneyWe Heart It

Now I shall present to you four things (FOUR!!) that will absolutely turn your day, the week, life, or the beat around: GIFs, memes, relatable shit, and Lily James



When life keeps throwing you curve balls/surprises/shit you don't need

When you just can't


but you keep going anyway

When everyone your age has mastered the things we must do at that age, and you're falling behind like

Running away

When you can only ever get Hulk-angry at things, instead of just crying and emptying your bank account, and your friends ask what’s wrong with you and the only thing you can say is

There's a fire within my soul

When you're trying to better understand life and why she does the things she does to you

Maybe life is a sassy woman


When you get yourself pumped to go to work, convinced you're gonna slay the day

Pumped for work

But then you actually get to work and you're all

I have to leave

Thanks, life

When life cheats you

Every time things start going your way, like your socks are matching, you ate breakfast at least once this week, you accidentally dropped your soap in the toilet so it was recently cleaned, and the pile of clothes that came out of the dryer 3 weeks ago STILL smells fresh, life is all "juuuuuuustkidding" and hits you with one of those tickets off the traffic cam because your dumbass was hardcore performing "Psycho" while also speeding like one

When you're desperate and shook and try to bargain with life

Just tell me what you want and calm down

What you look like trying to figure your life out and how it's come to what it is

Trying to figure life out like

When you pretend to be asleep so you don't have to be awake and pretend like everything is ok

Just let me sleep

When people keep giving you advice

No thanks

When someone tells you if you don't get it together, you're gonna end up alone in a big empty house with nothing but a plethora of books and an ungodly amount of animals

I'm there

When you thought everything was going to be easy peasy lemon squeezy but it's actually difficult difficult lemon difficult


When you try to hide all your problems, but life is cut-throat, watching and documenting all your shit moves like

Hidden Problems

That pivotal moment at 3:44 am, when you're debating on giving up on sleep or doing the thing that will just make you sleep forever

To sleep or not to sleep

When your boss asks wtf


When your mom asks wtf


When your dog asks wtf


When your reflection asks wtf