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Life Stages

From Eden

Her: His voice was engraved into my skin.

From Eden

Her: His voice was engraved into my skin.

The rhythm of his laugh was in tune with my heartbeat.

We were crafted by the hands of God before our own creation, just to exist in tempered time against the chains of solitude.

Him: She was Beauty in mastered form.

She was a message stripped from my skin and delivered to my soul by way of grace.

I was a crippled mass of flesh and bone with a missing rib and an empty heart, void of the perfection she bore.

And then Time carried her smile to my spirit and cracked the merciless walls of my soul until there was nothing left but dust.

Her: He was Brilliance and Honor and quiet sound.

He was my bloodstream, and I was his heart.

My existence was tethered firmly to his, and his to mine, a grand gesture of a love that neither of us could have created or crafted with our own hands.

A love that existed outside of us and within eternity.

Him: I stand in reverential dismay at our entwining futures and our unremembered pasts.

We were born for the other, a present example of tangible purpose.

Her: It is impossible to enumerate the reasons we were bound to be one. But only one reason mattered:

We were loved.

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