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    I have been a wordsmith from the moment I could hold a pen. My childhood was spent crafting stories of outlandish worlds and fictious protagonists stolen from real life. However, it was not until I embarked upon my senior year of high school that I looked into the mirror one day and saw a writer staring back at me. Prior to my sudden revelation of my true calling in life, I had decided that the path of science and biology was a path that looked as if it belonged to me, and I to it. I had never determined myself as a writer, rather than simply an individual who wrote. And one day, I sat at my desk in a college-level biology course, scribbling down ideas I had for a story I had just begun to write, and I concluded that I could spend an eternity creating meaningful sentences from words and never tire of it. I have been writing continuously ever since.

    In my free time, I enjoy reading really good books with complex diction, playing the guitar or piano and wishing I was as talented as Sara Bareilles, cooking vegetarian dishes and pretending I'm as amazing as Gordon Ramsey, and listening to music so well-crafted that it shifts the entire earth and all it's inhabitants upon hearing it.

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