The Miss World competition happened a few months ago, and it gained a lot of attention. One of the reasons being because of the women who participated, but mostly it was because of the LGBTQ+ representation in it. The Pageantry was applauded for allowing a trans woman to participate in the contest. Personally, I was also happy about this because it was about time LGBTQ+ had representation in the world of beauty, but I also realized that there was another minority group that also deserved recognition, too.

Since the beginning, beauty pageants have always been about celebrating women with BOTH beauty and brains. These women that are chosen as the winner are always pretty and skinny. Now, in the early ages, this was fine because these beauty pageants happened as a form of entertainment during the war because everyone needed the distraction then. But now, there are plus size women everywhere and we deserve to be represented in pageants, too.

Beauty comes in every shape and size. Plus size women are beautiful women, too, and they deserve to participate in beauty contests.

Also, clothing and fashion lines do not use their platform to promote this, rather they keep glorifying skinny women alone by making them their models. This leaves plus size women feel left out, and sometimes even feel bad about themselves. Just because I'm not a size 2, doesn't mean I shouldn't be allowed to participate in a beauty pageant. Everyone should promote body positivity and be inclusive of all body types.

It is really tiring and boring to see the same body types participate in the pageants every year. Beauty is diverse and that is what beauty pageants should be about - showing off beauty, no matter the shape or size of the woman.