Six Key Players To Watch This MLB Postseason

Six Key Players To Watch This MLB Postseason

Throughout the ups and downs of the MLB 2017 Postseason, here are the players you should keep your eyes on.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That’s right, happy October! Postseason baseball is finally among us. Whether you are grieving over the end of the 2017 regular season or you are making predictions as to who will win it all, the postseason brings all baseball fanatics together. The 2017 regular season was a crazy one in the respect that so many individual and team records have been broken.

Despite this excitement, the playoff race was not exactly riveting this year. Unlike past postseason races, this years lacked drama and suspense considering most division races were decided by early September (the Colorado Rockies being the lone exception). The wild card games themselves were exhilarating.

The New York Yankees took a 8-4 victory over the Minnesota Twins in the AL Wildcard game at Yankee Stadium in New York on Tuesday October 3rd. The Arizona Diamondbacks took a 11-8 victory over the Colorado Rockies at Chase Field in Phoenix on Wednesday October 4th. Both the Yankees and the Diamondbacks were victorious, proving that home field advantage really does have an affect on the outcome of the game.

Thus far in the American League Division Series, The Houston Astros have a remarkable 2-0 ALDS lead over the Boston Red Sox. In addition, the Cleveland Indians have a stellar 2-0 ALDS lead over the New York Yankees. In the National League Division Series, The Los Angeles Dodgers have an early 1-0 NLDS lead over the Arizona Diamondbacks. Also, the Chicago Cubs have a 1-0 NLDS lead over the Washington Nationals. Only time will tell which teams advance to the NLCS and which teams fall short and are sent home. Until then, here are 6, of many key players to keep your eyes on throughout the rest of the postseason.

Jose Altuve

Houston Astros second baseman, Jose Altuve hit three solo home runs in Game 1 of the ALDS against the Boston Red Sox. He also became the ninth player in history to hit at least three home runs in a postseason game. In addition, only two players (Ichiro Suzuki (.405) and Barry Bonds (.381)) this century had a higher road batting average than Altuve's (.381).

Cody Bellenger

Son of the former Yankees utilityman Clay Bellinger, Cody Bellenger ranked number 7 on Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects list this spring and made his debut for the Los Angeles Dodgers on April 25th. He earned a place in the 2017 Home Run Derby and set an NL record with 39 homers while batting .267/.352/.581.

Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals has proven himself to be an impact player that is very important to the team. After being on the DL for approximately 46 games ,the Nationals scored 24.1 percent fewer runs per game.

Clayton Kershaw

Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw is arguably the greatest pitcher of his generation. The left handed pitcher currently leads the Majors in ERA and has lowered his ERA for the ninth consecutive season. Though he has a bad postseason history, Kershaw is healthy after returning from the DL in September.

Aaron Judge

“Bronx Bomber”, Aaron Judge is anything but an ordinary. Judge hit .284/.422/.627 with 52 homers and 114 RBI as a rookie. He led the American league in runs, home runs, walks and strikeouts. Though he is only a rookie, he is already very well known and has been continuing to lead the New York Yankees to success.

Corey Kluber

Cleveland Indians's starting pitcher has a 1.62 ERA going back to June 1 which is the best among qualified pitchers by 0.86. The right handed pitcher did not allow more than 3 runs earned after May 2nd this season.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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I'm not sure why but volleyball players are a very particular group of people — we like what we like and we HATE what we don't, especially when it is volleyball-related. If you're a volleyball player, I'm sure you can relate to this list and if you're not a volleyball player, now you know exactly how you will be able to get under our skin.

1. Girls who wear spandex in public

Don’t get me wrong, we wear spandex for a living. We understand WHY people wear them to workout. But wearing them to the dining hall, class or anywhere that isn’t the gym… please don’t. Put on some shorts or leggings — PLEASE.

2. The “I’ll beat you in volleyball” line

For some odd reason when someone who likes you finds out that you play volleyball, they say this. I’m not sure why, but its really annoying that people think they’re better than you (a collegiate athlete) at the sport you’ve been playing your whole life.

3. When guys mention that they only come to your games because you wear spandex

You’re right, why would any appreciate our athletic ability when you can simply appreciate our butts.

4. Freshman who don’t think they have to do their Freshman duties

PSA: Every single school has freshman duties; YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY FRESHMAN WHO HAVE TO DO THEM. Everyone has done them when they were a freshman. Stop complaining, do your duties, and play volleyball because after your freshman season you’ll never have to do it again.

5. When people try to tell you that volleyball isn’t hard

Why don’t you jump for three hours straight and throw your body on the ground hundreds of times and tell me how easy it is.

6. The word "spike"

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7. Balls that aren't perfectly blown up

Volleyball players are hands down the most high maintenance group of people when it comes to our sport. I will go through an entire ball cart to find the best ball possible... if the ball is flat, no matter what contact you make it is going to be bad. If the ball is too hard, no matter what contact you make it is going to be bad.

Cover Image Credit: Sam

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Mariners Catcher Mike Marjama Puts Down His Glove To Join The National Eating Disorder Association

Mike Marjama is defying all stereotypes and speaking up for what he truly believes in.


Mike Marjama's retirement announcement on Monday came as a shock to many, but he is pursuing much greater things now.

This past March, Mike Marjama publicly opened up about his struggles in high school with anorexia nervosa. As a wrestler, he was faced with abundant pressure to fit into a certain weight category. He was constantly having his body critiqued and compared to other individuals.

After sharing his struggles with the world, Mike Marjama received a plethora of positive feedback and support. So, he decided to work full-time with NEDA to help support individuals struggling just like he struggled.

There is an assumption in the world today that individuals with eating disorders are white, emaciated females. By speaking up, Mike Marjama is defying one of these stereotypes. He is showing that eating disorders do not have a "look" and that males can develop eating disorders, too.

Baseball has been Mike Marjama's life and he is stepping away from that to help support individuals with struggles similar to him. He is stepping away from a job paying him over $500,000 dollars a year in order to volunteer his time to work as a NEDA ambassador. Sports are a great past-time and passion, but Mike Marjama has decided at the young age of 28 to pursue something greater with his life.

I am simply in awe by the courage of this man.

The courage of this man to share his struggles.

The courage of this man to defy the stereotypes.

The courage of this man to aim for something better.

The courage of this man to serve God.

This man speaking out can result in the diagnosis and treatment of males with eating disorders worldwide. It can show men that having an eating disorder does not make them weak, but rather, admitting that they have one makes them strong.

As an individual who has suffered from anorexia nervosa, thank you, Mike Marjama.

Cover Image Credit:

@mike.marjama / Instagram

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