Pineapple Whip is basically the best cold food ever in existence in the city of Springfield, MO. But which flavor is the best? Here's the tea:

1. Nana Granate

It's just the best. The best one. It tastes like a good day and makes you feel whole again.

2. Strawberry Kiwi

Surprised it's better than Pineapple? Don't be. It's so good and I'd be willing to drive hours just to get some Strawberry Kiwi pineapple whip.

3. Pineapple

Yeah, the original is pretty good, too. Duh. Pineapple is pretty much the best fruit anyways.

4. Mango Peach

Tropical goodness... just not as fulfilling as Nana Granate, unfortunately.

5. Grape

Don't hate on grape. Bet you haven't even tried it. Get on it!

6. Orange

Okay, only because I've never tried it. But I might make the almost 4 hour drive to do it...

What are your favorite Pineapple Whip flavors? What are they in order?