Picking the Las Vegas Golden Knights' Expansion Draft
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Picking the Las Vegas Golden Knights' Expansion Draft

Picking the Las Vegas Golden Knights' Expansion Draft

The 2017 NHL expansion draft is set to take place on June 18-20. The Las Vegas Golden Knights will pick the players that have been unprotected by other teams.

Vegas will have to abide by rules set by the NHL. They must select one player from each of the 30 NHL teams. They also have exposure rules that limit the number of players they can acquire in the draft, over acquiring the rights to a player.

CapFriendly is a website that lets users breakdown NHL team salaries and contracts. A feature of the website is a simulation of the upcoming expansion draft.

These are my picks from each of the 30 teams. I used the “Quick Protect” settings with the real-life exposure rules.

Anaheim Ducks- RW Jackob Silvferberg

Arizona Coyotes- LW Jamie McGinn

Boston Bruins- D Adam McQuaid

Buffalo Sabers- D Justin Falk

Calgary Flames- C Lance Bouma

Carolina Hurricanes- D Justin Faulk

Chicago Blackhawks- C Marcus Kruger

Colorado Avalanche- G Calvin Pickard

Columbus Blue Jackets- LW Matt Calvert

Dallas Stars- LW McKenzie Curtis

Detroit Red Wings- C Riley Sheehan

Edmonton Oilers- D Mark Fayne

Florida Panthers- D Jason Demars

Los Angeles Kings- RW Dustin Brown

Minnesota Wild- LW Jason Zucker

Montreal Canadians- C Torrey Mitchel

Nashville Predators- D Matt Irwin

New Jersey Devils- RW Devante Smith-Pelly

New York Islanders- D Thomas Hickey

New York Rangers- RW Michael Grabner

Ottawa Senators- G Mike Condon

Philadelphia Flyers- D Andrew MacDonald

Pittsburgh Penguins- G Matt Murray

San Jose Sharks- RW Joel Ward

St. Louis Blues- RW Dmitrij Jaskin

Tampa Bay Lightning- RW Erik Condra

Toronto Maple Leafs- LW Matt Martin

Vancouver Canucks- D Luca Sbisa

Washington Capitals- C Lars Eller

Winnipeg Jets- C Shawn Matthias

With these picks taken the team salary cap wound be an estimated $72.9 million, only a hundred thousand dollars off from the max cap. 19 of the 29 contracts on this list will end after the incoming season.

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