I Messaged Guys On Bumble Using Phoebe Quotes, They Loved It
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I Messaged 12 Guys On Bumble Using Only Phoebe Buffay Quotes And It Was The Best Worst Idea Ever

The one where telling a guy you hear voices in your head isn't a huge turn off...

I Messaged 12 Guys On Bumble Using Only Phoebe Buffay Quotes And It Was The Best Worst Idea Ever
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Swiping right is the fun part of online dating, but once it comes to thinking of a good pickup line it's easy to resort to an unoriginal "hiii (-:" or to overthink it until your match eventually expires.

I don't know if it was the buzz from my margarita, or my friends hyping me up, but I decided to let Phoebe Buffay take over my Bumble. Two (maybe three) drinks later and I started sending my matches the most off-the-wall Phoebe quotes I could find.

The results? A mix between hilarious and concerning...

Jake from *spank* Farm.

I don't know if I should be concerned that this guy wants to hook up with someone who openly admits to hearing voices or impressed that he isn't buying into the stigma of mental illness. Either way I am not "trying to go out this weekend."

Freakin' Fred...

*Completely disregards the fact I introduced myself as Regina Phalange when my profile says Allyson.*

The straight to the point guy.

This guy is like, "Okay bang... ask questions later."

Honesty is the best policy. 

You and me both, Zach.

Don't knock it until you've tried it.

Little does he know he probably has already been with a girl who views him only as meat. It's 2018, Heath.

I'm brunette... it's fine.

Phoebe has game.

Grandma's don't go to the vet, Ryann.

Who spells Ryann with two n's? Guys who think grandmother's go to the vet. That's who.

Robert is so concerned.

Robert. I am talking shit on your crotch.

The one with the intellectual boner. 

We are really weeding out the sex addicts here.

Reed... what a sweetheart.

I might actually let him buy me dinner. I'll keep y'all posted.

When you find a Ross you just have to...

I was dying to find a Ross to match with so I could say this... And look. He was about it.

I have been caught.

It was fun while it lasted.

Phoebe Buffay didn't disappoint. Not only does she have mad game (probably cause she says weirdly sexual things), but every single guy responded no matter how off-the-wall the quote was. This just goes to show that you can send almost anything and guys will still try to have a good conversation. This experiment was entertaining, to say the least, but most importantly it gave me the confidence to step outside of the box and strike up a conversation with something more original than just "hi."

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