I, like many others, am and always have been a very happy and optimistic person. Regardless of the situation, I can see the good in anything. Of course, I do have my bad days and occasional bad moods, but I am generally a happy person. As an extremely optimistic and happy person, I often feel the need to make others happy and see the good in everything. Believe it or not, though, there are actual downsides to being this way.

1. Some people outright reject help and happiness.

Most people are grateful for a brighter perspective, but some people completely refuse to look at things in a different way even if it will help them or even solve their problems. This is extremely frustrating because it only fuels my desire to help them. It's basically a never-ending cycle.

2. You automatically become a therapist for all of your friends.

Now, I'm not saying this totally a bad thing! It's a beautiful thing to be able to help your friends and feel trusted by them. However, if you're that one friend who always seems put together, happy, and strong enough to face any problem at any time, your friends may start to see you as someone who doesn't have problems of your own (or at least doesn't need to talk about them).

3. Everyone acts like you don't have bad days, and when you do, they act like it's the end of the world.

Going back to my previous point, everyone acts like you're going to be happy and have a great attitude every second of every day. When you do have a bad day or are in a bad mood, everyone around you acts like it's the worst thing to ever happen, and no one will stop talking about it. We're all human, and we all have bad days. Just because I'm optimistic, it doesn't mean that I'm not allowed to be human!

Even through these three major cons to being a reckless optimist, the positives will always outweigh the negatives!

1. You get to help people!

Even if you occasionally encounter a few people who won't accept your help, you're still helping a lot of people! Being able to help even just one person see things from a brighter perspective can be life-changing for you and the other person.

2. You make others happy.

You may not be able to talk to every person who needs cheering up, but by being outwardly happy, you can spread smiles to everyone around you! Hopefully by smiling at just one person, you can cause a chain reaction and spread happiness to others.

3. You can handle whatever life throws at you and laugh in its face!

One of the best things about being an optimist is being able to conquer the rollercoaster of life. Everyone experiences ups and downs, and optimism is definitely crucial to handling the downs.

4. Life seems a lot brighter.

Being able to look on the bright side of any situation in life makes dealing with tough circumstances a lot more doable. Even in amazing circumstances, an optimistic attitude makes things even better than they already are! Not only can optimists see the good in bad situations, but we also make good situations seem that much more awesome.

Being an optimist has helped me get through a lot of rough patches in my life, and it has helped me build strong relationships with my friends and family. I love being able to make myself and others smile when we need it most. Optimism is something that can and should be shared with everyone, and I hope everyone learns to see the good in everything life brings.