The Types Of People You Find On Airplanes

Going on an airplane you will find so many different types of people. I don't mean like men, women and children, I mean types of people.

The sleepers

These are the people that basically look dead on the plane. Sometimes they snore and other times they just sit with their head back, eyes completely shut, not moving at all.

The talkers

These are the people that find their friends on the plane and just stand there for basically the entire duration of the flight and talk to them. The flight attendants have to come by a few times to tell them to be quiet but we all know that doesn't stop them.

The walkers

You have those people that just simply can't sit still and need to be in constant motion at all times. You can find them in the back of the plane or simply doing circles through the aisles trying to keep their legs moving.

The foodies

For some strange reason people insist on bringing full meals or bags and bags full of snacks. All you can hear from these people are the crinkles of the bag and the chomps of the chips. Sometimes you just want to turn around and yell at them.

The criers

This doesn't just pertain to babies. Some people have a fear of flying while others are just very emotional. You can hear them sniffling the entire plan ride and you want to ask them what's wrong but you feel it will just turn into a two-hour story about how their life sucks. We avoid these people as best as we can.

The farters

Now I know, this one sounds a little strange but it's real. You'll find those people that drank too much coffee or ate too much fiber and just can't stop letting it loose. You can sometimes hear it but you can always smell it. I feel bad for whoever is near these people.

The bathroom sitters

You always find those people that go to the bathroom directly after the seatbelt sign goes off and really aren't seen until the plane is ready to land. They basically just camp out in the bathroom. No one really knows what they're doing in there and no one really wants to ask.

The seat kickers

We've all dealt with these. The annoying little kids sitting behind us that is bored so decides to kick the seat in front of them. Or even the grown man that just can't get comfortable so he keeps repositioning himself but unintentionally keeps kicking the seat. Sometimes you just have to deal with this because you are too nice to tell them to stop.

The frantic moms

You will always have those mothers that you see running through the airport with their giant luggage. On the plane you can notice them because they are usually yelling at their kids while trying to keep them entertained and not be a disturbance to others. We know you're trying and we thank you for that.

The germaphobes

These are the people you see wearing masks and gloves and that carry plastic bags full of Purell. They don't want to touch anything and you bet they aren't using the pillows and blankets left out for them.

The first timers

These people are kind of like the criers. They are extremely paranoid and really would rather be anywhere else than on that plane about to take off. You can hear them deeply breathing and you can feel the pain of whoevers hand they are squeezing. Sometimes it's actually pretty funny to watch.

The business travelers

These are the men and women in the perfectly pressed suit with the Bluetooth in their ear. Even though you can't make calls in the air they still wear their Bluetooth proudly. They have their briefcase on the tray and are going through papers that are in there preparing for whatever they are traveling for. But don't try to talk to them because they will just give you a dirty look and continue to ignore you.

The drinkers

You will always find that one person who has one too many drinks. They are usually loud and obnoxious and stumbling all over the place. You can also see them in and out of the bathroom every five minutes because they refuse to stop drinking. I mean what else do they have to do on their flight?

The abnormally superstitious

You know, those people who have superstitions about flying and they have their little rituals they do before take off. They open and close the window six times. They NEED to sit in the isle exactly three rows left of the bathroom. They have to call the attendant ten times just to make sure everything is working properly, sometimes they may even demand the pilot.

I was recently on a plane and I saw almost all of these people. It's kind of funny how many different types of people there are that fly on a plane. If your ever bored just look around and observe people's habits. It won't be long before you start pin pointing them right away.

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