People You Find Playing Rec Basketball
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The 7 People You'll Meet Playing Basketball At Your College Rec Center

A comprehensive analysis of some groups of people you're bound to run in to while playing basketball at the Rec.


Watch out for #3...

1. "Here for Cardio"

Overview: Your college offers a number of recreational services, including a full weight room, indoor track, and cardio room for all of your exercising needs. However, for some people, the treadmills and stationary bikes just aren't the move, and head down the courts to finish off a good workout.

The Look: These patrons are pretty easy to spot, as they are usually sporting low-top running shoes, above-the-knee shorts, and some sort of exercise tracking device (like a FitBit or something).

The Game: Cardio guys and gals are always a guaranteed hustler, as they're main goal is to sweat and get some steps in. They're grinders, and are going to give you 110% effort all game long. But, keeping the ball out of their hands is probably in your best interest, as remember, they're here for CARDIO, not to ball out.

2. "Agent Accessory"

Overview: The "look good, play good" is the mantra that these individuals live by. If you're looking for the latest and greatest in basketball technology, look no further than this breed. Approach them about the garb, and you'll be met with more performance specs than the newest foreign sportscar. Rather it be to prevent cramping or to wick the sweat after 3 hours at the courts, every part of the outfit is well thought out to optimize their play.

The Look: It varies agent to agent, but some thing to look out for include but are not limited to: headbands, shooting sleeves, tights, performance socks, knee pads, etc. Bonus points if it all matches the shoes.

The Game: The aforementioned motto "look good play good" doesn't exactly hold true, as we all know that skills can not be enhanced simply through spending money on the perfect outfit. However, not all who accessorize are lost, and you can at time find a pretty good player underneath the name brands and skin tight gear.

3. "The Bulldog"

Overview: Grit and grind are the two adjectives that come to mind when it comes to the Bulldog. Built stocky and short, these guys look like they belong on a wrestling mat rather than a basketball court, and can make a fun day at the rec a nightmare.

The Look: Look for high school wrestling or football shirts, especially if they have the sleeves cut off. Built low to the ground and with calves the size of your head. Could probably bench press you if it came down to it.

The Game: An asset on the defensive end. Point them in the direction of the other team's best player and watch the frustration ensue. Bulldogs aren't afraid to scrap it up and play physically, throwing players off who aren't used to aggressive defense. If you have one lined up against you, bumps and bruises are probablyl headed your way.

4. "Ballin Bigs"

Overview: Probably the most fun people to play with, Ballin Bigs are guys you expect to play inside and post up, but break the mold and can light it up from the outside. No shot is too far or too contested, as their height gives them a release over defenders.

The Look: The clothing can vary, but you really can't miss these guys. They tower over the field and have to duck to get into the gym.

The Game: The arc is where Ballin Bigs redside, with outside shots being options one, two, and three. While having shooters is never a bad thing, they usually tend to stay away from the paint, leaving some rebounds that these behemoths would easily have if they weren't pulling up all the damn time. They're a blessing and a curse, so know the trade off with these guys.

5. "Mr. And 1"

Overview: Basketball is a very competitive game, and at the Rec there are no officials to track rules or call fouls, so players must take it upon themselves to call fouls or violations in order for the game to be fun. While most are fair, there are a select few that take advantage of that power, and call out fouls like it's his job.

The Look: Decently athletic and built, no true distinction with clothing or look.

The Game: Driving the lane is there main focus, as that is the easiest to place to look like you're getting fouled. If you do as much as sneeze on one of these players, he's gonna call a foul on you. The phrase "And-1" comes out of their mouths like bids do an auctioneer's, and don't even try to argue it, it's a hopeless effort.

6. "Frat Star"

Overview: Representing his greek family of choice, the Frat Stars come in all shapes and sizes, as well as all different skill levels. These are the wildcards of the Rec, as you could get an absolute stud who hustles on both ends, or just a guy trying to work off last nights formal he got a bit too rowdy at.

The Look: Also quite variable, but a few things to look out for are shirts with their Greek letters embroidered, backwards hats, sweatpants, and low top shoes.

The Game: As I said earlier, these guys can be on either sides of the spectrum. Some are former high school players that are decent at the game. On the flip side, you can get a dude dueling with a hangover and a subpar jumpshot, almost turning the game into a 4 vs 5.

7. "The Dad"

Overview: Perhaps the rarest on the Rec scene, the Dads are the gentlemen that get in with a membership as opposed to a student ID. They look to make it back to the glory days, or just shed some pounds that come with getting older and a slowing metabolism.

The Look: The high white socks are a must, and are coupled with low-end basketball shoes. Shirts often read former teams they belonged to years ago, or perhaps the name of their son's travel team that he assistant coaches.

The Game: Dads are all about the fundamentals, and play the game "the way it's supposed to be played". Chest passes and low post hooks are staples, and no possession is complete without high fiving all his teammates. Don't look for them to run the fast break, as they have a few more miles than the average college student.

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