People Living Life On The Edge Have The Best View
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People Living Life On The Edge Have The Best View

"The mountains are calling and I must go."


Before I jump into this article, let me ask you: What is living life on the edge? Is it taking risks, stepping outside of your comfort zone, or even doing something others may find very simple, but you have just never quite felt like you were capable of doing so?

Living life on the edge can mean a lot of things. If the view of living life on the edge is so beautiful and so worth it, why doesn't everyone just do it? Because, living life to the most extreme extent you can put your mind to really isn't for everybody. This does not mean you should limit yourself to all the world has to offer.

Let me begin by stating that motivation is a key factor here to living life on the edge. You must be your own biggest motivator in order to achieve those goals you have tried so hard for. If you were on a cliff right now, at this very moment, and you had the opportunity to fly -- would you? Of course you would. You would because you have nothing holding you back. Because you believe the wind, the sky, your very being, will take you wherever you need to be taken. Why can't we relate this to our everyday lives? As human beings, we sure do have a way of restricting ourselves from stepping outside of the box when it comes to things.

Don't let the critics ever hold you back from reaching towards the road to success in your life. Your destination and viewpoint may just be right around the corner. Letting one negative influence in your life hold you back from all that you are could change everything for you.

In life, you will reach hardships, things you never thought you'd have to deal with, and it will all seem like life is tumbling in a huge downward spiral. You'll feel like you have reached your breaking point. Allow this to be your biggest motivator on seeing that view you have longed for because the view truly is so worth every possible obstacle that you will overcome in this life.

You are what you think; remember that. I encourage you to view life as a mountain. Maybe right now you are at the lowest point in your life, the very bottom of the mountain. All you're doing is looking up. Looking up at all the what ifs. Looking up at all the could've/should've/would've excuses you have made for yourself. Take one step at a time and let go of each excuse, each person, each opportunity you have missed -- and start anew. Start climbing to that peak in your life.

Start with courage and strength. Start with enthusiasm and perseverance. All you have to do is start out by taking one step. One single step could lead to thousands more.

Then, finally, you may reach the top -- that highest point in your life where you feel as if you have achieved all you have longed for. At this point, look out, just breathe and fill your heart with thankfulness because you took a risk. You got back up after being torn down. You lived your life on the edge whenever all you wanted to do was jump off and have life itself stop in its tracks.

Living on the edge isn't necessarily always about being risky, a daredevil, or being crazy in general. By all means, it sure can be. But, fulfill your own definition of what it is to truly live life "on the edge" and don't miss out on the view from the top.

Go up to that mountain of yours -- not because every one else is telling you to do so -- but because you owe it to yourself.

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