If 'Parks And Rec' Characters Were Ice Cream
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If 'Parks And Rec' Characters Were Ice Cream

Binge to your heart's content.

If 'Parks And Rec' Characters Were Ice Cream

This is an ode to two things you should binge on this summer: ice cream and Parks and Rec. If you're wondering what you should be doing while you read this, I recommend eating a pint of your favorite flavor in respect to the binge-worthiness of the subject matter of this article.

Leslie Knope - Empower Mint

This ice cream should have her face on it. Not only is it political, refreshing and sweet but her husband's name is on the carton. Leslie Knope should take both Democracy and a pint of Empower Mint in her hands then dump that pint of ice cream on a waffle from JJ's Diner and have herself an ice cream sandwich.

Ben Wyatt - Vanilla Gelato

Everyone says that vanilla is basic but vanilla is the freakin bomb. Just like Ben, it's really chill and lowkey but still amazing and it's the perfect base to add any sort of funky junk too. In keeping with Ben's love of Italian food (calzones, calzones and more calzones) and the fact that he is a pretty classy guy the Italian gelato is basically Ben Wyatt in pint form.

Ron Swanson - Red, White and Blue Bell

What is more American than Ron Swanson or American flag ice cream that is only sold in the south? USA ice cream and the rebel south are probably featured in Ron Swanson's dreams. This ice cream is patriotic to the core just like everyone's favorite blue collar, bureaucracy hating government employee.

Andy Dwyer - Chunky Monkey

Andy can basically be described by the title "Chunky Monkey." It's hard to imagine a character or flavor that's more strangely loveable and sweet The creativeness that went into both should be enjoyed by getting unhealthy amounts of each!

April Ludgate - Almond Charcoal

Goth ice cream sent to crush unicorns? Umm hello, can you get any more April? Just look at that swirly cone of midnight creamery. April's cold and distant exterior hide a sweet center, but just because she's cold and dark doesn't mean she isn't breathtakingly gorgeous. I mean, look at that? Wowow

Anne Perkins - Chocolate Therapy

Beautiful, sweet Anne Perkins. Anne Perkins is both the giver and receiver of therapy the entire show and she is as sweet and soul-satisfying as the ooey gooey chocolate-comma-inducing pint.

Chris Traeger - Chocolate Mocha Chip

Chris is kind of like Anne in the sense that he's everyone's go-to pick me up man. Except he's also the biggest, most energetic health nut on the face of planet earth. A healthy, chocolatey, caffeinated pint of ice cream that is sweet as heck and chocked full of nutrients is really the only option when choosing an ice cream to describe Chris Traeger.

Donna Meagle - Everything But the...

TREAT YO SELF. Just like Donna, this flavor is chocked full of fancy accessories. It's sweet, sassy and no nonsense when it comes to the finer things in life. Why have just a pint of ice cream when you can basically add the entire candy section to it?! And why have just a job in the Parks and Rec department when you can have a plethora of other hobbies?? TREAT YO SELF to both everything but the...and the finer things in life, just like Donna Meagle.

Tom Haverford - Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz

When it comes to his entrepreneurial ideas, Tom can't take a second to think or even to breathe. Just like this super charged ice cream, whenever you get a dose of Tom expect to be buzzbuzzbuzzed and in lovelovelove with his new idea!

Jerry Gergich - Chubby Hubby

Last and least, Jerry/Larry/Terry Gergich. He may be chubby and a clutz at work, but when he walks into the Gergich home he becomes the worlds-best hubby. Even though he's the brunt of every joke he's still sweet and indispensable to the show. Let's just hope that downing multiple pints of Chubby Hubby doesn't give you a fart attack--I mean heart attack.

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