David Ortiz Sends Red Sox Nation Into A Frenzy

David Ortiz Sends Red Sox Nation Into A Frenzy

The retired slugger tweeted Monday which Twitter users speculated as his return

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Former Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz tweeted out Monday evening directly at the Boston Globe newspaper simply putting, “@BostonGlobe.” This was enough for Red Sox fans and the rest of the Internet to go into a panic thinking up every possible scenario.

Ortiz plainly said nothing at all, but it was directed toward the Boston Globe. Social media users hyped up the idea of him possibly coming out of retirement. The Boston Globe tweeted the former slugger poking fun at the situation.

The Boston Globe tweeted again almost an hour later to get an update, but was still left with no response.

The rest of Twitter took over after this, with various responses and ideas to the mysterious tweet.

Some users mentioned directly for the story.

This user reacted by channeling their inner Will Hunting trying to decipher Ortiz's tweet.

Instead of taking the strategic Will Hunting way of figuring out the tweet, he just panicked.

Some took a more subtle approach waiting patiently. No matter how long.

The sports radio morning show Toucher and Rich out of Boston agreed with the tweet. Agreed to what exactly, who knows.

This user brought to light how Michael Jordan came out of retirement. Makes you wonder..

The most logical tweet of them all goes to this guy.

Who really knows what Ortiz meant when he sent out the tweet. Realistically thinking, he probably has no idea it even happened. He could have accidently sent out a draft, or was searching for the Boston Globe in what he presumed was the search bar, but ended up tweeting the masses instead.

Ortiz most likely will not come out of retirement. However, this has not yet been addressed by him or the Red Sox management. That being said, speculation continues and fans are left to ponder.

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