Optimistic, adjective;

Hopeful and confident about to future

Imagine a world full of people who never give up hope even when it seems like the world is going to end. Sounds great, right? Well, it’s not always easy. Being overly optimistic has its ups and downs just like every other personality trait and it can affect those around you in positive or even negative ways.

People who are overly optimistic usually have the upper hand in certain situations because in their mind, they have many great opportunities to look forward to. Yet, even when things don’t work out quite as well as they’d hoped, these people dust off their shoulders and try again. Those whom are optimistic are often looked up to and sought out for advice when people need it the most. They don’t know how to stay down feeling sorry for themselves and most importantly they don’t ever let anyone tell them they can’t do something. Now all of this may sound great and encouraging at this point, but there is a downside to having a personality trait as powerful as this one.

Being overly optimistic can bring in a world of hate, believe it or not. Humans can be very jealous of others who have a wildly positive outlook on life. Some of those individuals, on the other end of the spectrum while not jealous are very realistic about everything and usually view their current situation as one that they can’t get out of because “that’s just life.” Overly optimistic people tend to have seemingly unobtainable or challenging goals such as becoming a millionaire by age thirty or travelling to all seven continents in their lifetime. However as long as the goal isn’t impossible, overly optimistic people will find a way to reach it. So go ahead and befriend someone who’s overly optimistic, you won’t regret it.

Love, Chantay