Dear you,

If you'd told me a year ago that we'd be where we are today, I probably would've laughed. I think back to the times when you referred to me as "homie" and I realize I much prefer "babe." I think back to the times that we were there for each other simply as friends, and I'm surprised I didn't realize what you meant to me then. Your friendship and, eventually, your love are two things I wouldn't trade for the world.

You are so strong, intelligent, clever, and passionate. Listening to you rant about the things you wholeheartedly believe in makes me so proud to be yours. I don't care that we like different types of music; we get to share so much because of our differences and those are often some of my favorite conversations.

I love how many shared interests we have. I love that nothing I say to you can be seen as too nerdy or too goofy, or really "too" anything. Even when we disagree on certain things, I think we always see where the other person is coming from. There is no judgment or anger; there's always understanding and acceptance.

I appreciate how much you believe in me. When I'm having the hardest day, you're able to give me whatever I need. Whether that's a little tough love or a goofy pep talk, you're there for me. You are able to take me from a place of self-doubt to feeling like I can accomplish everything I must. I don't think there's anything more I could ask of you.

Thank you for the perfect mornings and lazy nights. Thank you for making me laugh harder than anyone, and for thinking I'm funny. Thank you for sharing my sense of humor. Thank you for crying at sappy commercials with me. I'm not sure when the two of us became so mushy, but I'm sure glad we are. Thank you for loving the same T.V. shows as me. I love that I'm not alone in my tendency to shout at the screen in frustration. Thank you for always trying to order a different dish than me so we can split our meals. Thank you for your kindness and patience.

Our life together is an adventure. Every day, there's something new to do or talk about, and I find that I never grow tired of being around you.

Thanks for getting me, as I feel I truly get you.

On your worst days, I hope you know that I am here for you as a source of love and support, just as I've learned you are for me. Know you're never alone.



P.S. I like your beard.