Dear Old And Long Gone Friend,

I am better now. I do not get sucked into the mind games anymore, I do not let you control my emotions, and I most certainly do not let you take over my life. You once did, but I promise that will never happen again.

The thoughts, the anxiety, the self-doubt, the sadness... you were my demons, and still are, but I have overcome the hurdles you have thrown into my brain. You were tough and you stuck your ground on the days that were harder than others. You have always been stubborn and mean, and I am glad to say that I finally have the strength to shut the door in your face as soon as you knock.

You didn't let me do anything. You made me isolated from friends and family, you stomped all over any sort of happiness that came my way, and you were nothing short of persistent. You were, somehow, impossible to stay away from. I tried and tried every time to fight you off, but it wasn't until recently that I was capable of saying, "BYEEEEE!"

I feel like I could thank you?..... but I'm not going to because you don't deserve it. You made the hardest part of my life unbearable and I really think I could have done without your ickiness. You were one sticky situation that I was lucky to trudge through till the end and make it out alive. But, you only taught me one thing that I GUESS I wouldn't take back; my strength. Because of all your harshness, I am strong and I know now that, and in that way and that way ONLY, you were a necessary lesson. I will not thank you, I will not ever praise you because I honestly hate you, and I am glad you are gone.

In all, I would just like to say.... hasta la vista, babay.


The Girl You Walked All Over, But Never Will Again