An Open Letter To Bernie Sanders After The DNC Roll Call
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An Open Letter To Bernie Sanders After The DNC Roll Call

#FeeltheBern but also #I'mWithHer

An Open Letter To Bernie Sanders After The DNC Roll Call
The Nation

Dear Bernie Sanders,

When you first launched your campaign in May of 2015 I was an avid Hillary Clinton supporter. From the moment she announced, I was dead set on voting for her. However, I never thought a politician like you would be in the running to be our president. At the time, my knowledge of your career was that you had served in congress for a very long time, and had done so as an independent. I also knew that you had dedicated your career to social change and that you are very anti big banks and wall street, but I didn't know any real specifics. My opinion of you automatically lumped you into a category with Elizabeth Warren, and although I did not know much about you, I knew I liked what you stood for. It is safe to say I was skeptical about your campaign at first, but the more I learned, the more I realized that so many of my views lined up with yours. The more I learned, the more I realized that maybe I was not going to vote for Hillary Clinton in the primaries after all. This decision did not come easy. In fact, I struggled with deciding between both candidates for a very long time. On one hand, Hillary Clinton was someone I knew I would one day help elect into office, and someone I really looked up to, and on the other hand, you showed me, and the rest of America what we deserve in a politician, and shared almost all of my views.

At first I felt a little guilty when I decided that in the primaries I would be voting for you, but at the same time, I have never felt more excited about getting involved in the political process. Mind you, I’m the girl that was so excited about having the ability to vote, the first thing I did on my 18th birthday was register. I knew right away, if you could elevate my excitement and passion to an even higher level, you would quickly become infectious to many others. I switched over to “Feeling the Bern” pretty early on in your campaign, and I’ve watched with pride at how your small grassroots movement quickly grew into what it has become today. This is a movement I am so proud to be a part of. I am so thankful for everything you have brought this country and everything you have opened up our eyes to. Just because you did not win the primaries does not mean you have not done so much for this country through your campaign. During her DNC speech, Madeleine Albright pointed out how Donald Trump has done damage just by running for president. To contrast that, Bernie, you have done so much good just by running for president, and for that, I am eternally grateful. It breaks my heart to see such an important movement fall short, but at the same time, I have not lost the excitement for the future of this countries politics. I have not lost that excitement because I cannot lose it. There is too much to lose in this election if I stop caring America will lose so much more.

When you announced, the only thing people had to say about you was that you did not have a chance at winning. It was assumed by everyone that Hillary Clinton would beat you in a landslide victory. No one even thought to think of how far your campaign would come, let alone that you would win 1,876 delegates. You beat the odds and made so many people “feel the Bern.” I cannot express to you how sorry I am for how your campaign ended. I’m sorry that it seems that the system was against you from the start. I’m sorry that people underestimated you. I’m sorry that people doubted your ability to succeed as Commander in Chief. I’m sorry that although so many people tweeted about how they wanted you as a president, they did not get off their asses to go vote for you. I’m sorry that voter apathy is such a bit problem in the country. I’m sorry that the DNC worked against you instead of staying neutral. I’m sorry that you did not win the primaries even after coming close. I am truly so heartbroken that you will not be on the ballot in November.

However, I am not just sorry, I am also very thankful. Thank you for showing me the good that can come out of politics and politicians. Before your campaign, I believed that all politicians, even those that cared immensely, still could be swayed by big donors and the thirst for reelection. You showed us what a candidate can accomplish through honesty and the support of ordinary people. Thank you for getting so many young people involved in the political process. It always drove me crazy to hear others my age talk about politics like they do not matter, and for the first time, I saw so many of my peers actually start to show an interest. Thank you for being a politician that has stuck to his morals for the entirety of your life. Thank you for paving the path for more progressive candidates in the future. Thank you for sparking the excitement and enthusiasm in the democratic party that we had begun to lose. You have made me even more proud to call myself a liberal and a progressive. Most of all, thank you for understanding the importance of defeating Donald Trump in this election, and once again putting America before yourself by endorsing Hillary Clinton.

I know many of your supporters may not share this specific opinion, but I highly respect your decision to endorse Hillary Clinton. She is the future president of The United States of America, and in your word, “on her worst day Hillary is still an infinitely better candidate than Trump.” You chose to support her instead of going against her, and that is exactly what more people in this country need to do. I really do wish the Bernie or Bust movement would understand that. It is highly childish for people to either choose to not vote and all or even vote Trump just because they no longer have you as an option. Hillary Clinton may not be everything people want. but in politics, you win some and you lose some. No one will ever reflect all of your individual views, but someone who wants to build the American people up, and has spent their whole life doing so, is undoubtedly the best choice. Bernie supporters should be following in your footsteps, not going against them. They should understand that above all, the worst thing to happen to this election is Donald Trump, and there is no reason he should be president of such an important and powerful nation. However, everyone is their own person, and who they vote or do not vote for is a personal decision.

All I know is that come November, I’ll be voting for the candidate I know in my heart deserves the position of POTUS, and I will do it with so much pride. She is a strong woman who has endured so much from both parties, yet still comes out stronger. She is a woman who has spent her whole life preparing for this job. You cannot compare that candidate to the other side, a man who has spent his whole life only doing what he can to help himself get ahead. Someone who has not once done anything for the good of others, yet now claims that he will “make America great again.” I do not want a president that puts America down it the slogan that they are running with. When someone claims to make America great again you are stating that we are not great, that we are not powerful. You're stating that our people are not strong, and putting down our successes and potential. I want a candidate who sees the existing greatness in America that I see, and that can show us how we can grow to become “a more perfect union.” I want a candidate that can respect the American people instead of isolating and dividing us by race, religion, and gender. I had found the candidate I want in you Bernie, but I also found that in Hillary. I cannot thank you enough for doing the right thing by this great nation and endorsing her.

Watching you through the DNC has played with my emotions more than I ever thought possible. It brings tears to my eyes every time. These tears are those of pride, and also those of sadness. Your campaign has been very special to my heart and I am deeply saddened that it is over, but I am also very excited to once again fight alongside you for that which is right. I want it to be clear, I'm not voting for Hillary because you've told me to, I was going to vote for her regardless of your endorsement, but for too many of your supporters, your endorsement is what they need. Many of the people who are reading this are probably still resistant to vote for her, even though they need to. I can only hope that more people, especially those skeptical, can make the right decision by the 2016 election. It’s time we put our biases aside and do the right thing for this country together. Fear mongering, hate, and division will never be the right thing for this country.

With so much gratitude,

A Fellow American

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