Only Fools Are Satisfied

Today, I realized that it’s not that I want a better life. Quite contrarily, it's that I want more out of life.

I don't want an average life. I'm not an average person.

I want a life full of adventure and unexpected outcomes. I want a life of hopes and shattered, yet attempted, dreams. I want both failure and success.

I don't want a marriage, I want a partnership. I want to find someone that looks at me as if I am their world, and I look at them the same. I want a life partner, a soulmate, a best friend who looks at my independence and scars as things that are both beautiful and special. I want something that I’ve never had. I want something worth the heartache.

I don't want the simple or the mundane. I want the exceptional. I want the hard choice that comes with beautiful consequences.

I want the things in life that don't come easy but are worth it.

I want to wake up one day and look back at everything that got me to where I am. I'll look back on each heartbreak, burned bridge, failed test, lost friend, and know that I not only chose better but I also chose more.

I want...more.

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