How Online Learning Can Accelerate Your Child's Learning

How Online Learning Can Accelerate Your Child's Learning

Kids can learn at their own pace


All parents want to give their kids the best possible start in life. They want to give them experiences and opportunities that they missed out on as kids. But more than that, they want to help ensure that their kids will have every opportunity to become a healthy, happy and successful adult.

That's why they agonize over making sure that every plate of food they eat is perfectly nutritionally balanced. It's why your choice of school is so important. It's why they keep a watchful eye over the books they read, the games they play and the movies they watch. And it's why they get a slightly nagging feeling in their bellies whenever their kids use the internet. There's no doubt about it, in the digital age where internet-enabled devices are such a huge part of our day-to-day lives, all parents have a duty to ensure that their kids use the internet in an appropriate and responsible way. But while the digital realm has its share of dangers, it also has a whole lot of opportunities to aid kids' education and development.

Here we'll look at how online learning and resources like Cluey learning can be vital to a child's education. It's easy to see the online world as an obstacle course of perils and hurdles. But when you know where to look, it can also be an essential supplement to the learning that they get in school. Let's look at some of the ways in which online learning can accelerate your child's learning and development…

Kids can learn at their own pace.

One of the primary constrictions of classroom-based learning is that a teacher must accommodate the learning needs of dozens of students within the established time frame of a lesson. Given that children all learn at a different pace and in subtly different ways, it's little wonder that some knowledge may have fallen through the cracks at the end of a lesson. Online learning, however, takes place at a child's own pace. This means that they are free to absorb and retain without being rushed along by the flow of the lesson.

Opportunities for learning that's tailored to them

Few students get the opportunity for private tuition at school. That one-on-one time in which an education professional is able to deliver learning tailored to their needs and aptitudes. Most schools simply don't have the time or personnel to deliver it to their cohort. The beauty of digital resources like Cluey Learning is that they provide online tutoring that is personalized to the needs of the child yet built around the school syllabus.

Learning games encourage engagement

All parents dread the thought of their child drifting off into the world of their imagination during lesson time because their teacher is unable to engage them meaningfully in the lesson. One of the great things about online learning is that it offers a plethora of online games that are fun and engaging and empower kids to play an active role in their own education.'

It's time and energy efficient

It can be frustrating for kids when a teacher needs to cover the same ground over and over for the benefit of their peers who haven't quite grasped it yet. It can cause them to drift off and potentially miss out on new information. The beauty of online learning is that it is time efficient and spares kids wasted energy retreading the same ground over and over again. Online learners can choose the specific content they're interesting while being able to skip over content with which they're already familiar.

Real-time assessment

Assessment and testing are an important part of learning. They give students an opportunity to use their learning practices, thereby further embedding what they have learned in their minds. Yet, classroom learning does not always offer opportunities for testing when kids need it most and by the time an opportunity for testing comes around some of their knowledge may have dissipated. Online learning gives kids opportunities for real-time assessment so that they can test themselves as they go.


There's nothing more self-defeating than getting kids to learn when they're not in the mood for it. However, when they are in the mood for it, they absorb and assimilate knowledge much more readily. Another advantage of online learning is that it allows kids the convenience of learning on their own terms, thereby giving them a sense of ownership that makes their learning much more meaningful and personal.

In an age where digital proficiency is likely to play a huge role in your child's life inside and outside of the classroom, it makes sense to recognize and embrace the potential advantages of online learning to supplement the learning that takes place in the classroom.

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And he was released three months early for 'good behavior'... after sexually assaulting an unconscious girl behind a dumpster.


To start, Lori Laughlin messed up royally, and I don't condone her actions.

If you live under a rock and are unaware of what happened to the "Full House" star, here's the tea:

Lori Laughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli — and like 50 other celebrity parents — were found guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud, and paid a $1 million bail on conspiracy to commit mail fraud, and honest services fraud. You don't need to know what these mean except that she paid $500,000 to get her two daughters, Bella and Olivia Jade Giannulli.

I know you're wondering why they did it — tbh I am too — however, these parents paid the University of Southern California to give admission to her daughters in through the rowing team on campus, despite neither one of them actually playing the sport ever in their life.

Yeah, Aunt Becky messed up and should face punishment, but why is she facing up 20 years when men like Brock Turner are sentenced only six months for raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster at Stanford?

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The answer? Because the system is a mess.

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There should have been a switch:

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Teaching Is An Amazing Career, It's More Powerful Than We Give It Credit For

Teaching is a career that is heavily overlooked — it is much more powerful than people realize.


When it comes to teaching, it's not always easy or fun. But, let me ask you this: what career really is easy or fun all the time? Being challenged can beneficial. Otherwise, you are just going through the same routine over and over. Teaching will definitely keep you on your toes because there's always something happening.

People seem to think teachers just lecture on information that they hope their students remember for the test. You know what? Those people are dead wrong. Teaching is more than that. Teaching means having the passion and drive to educate children. Teaching is turning something dull to something that students will find more interesting and enjoyable.

Teaching is also about providing tools and other resources for students in order for them to succeed, especially the ones who tend to struggle in school. Being able to give those tools to help them accomplish their goals is extremely rewarding. A teacher will work with a student who is behind on his/her reading skills to have him/her be right at the level he/she needs to be by the end of the school year. Not many jobs provide a reward quite like guiding a student, if not more, to success.

Although it focuses on academics, teaching is not just about that. Sure, being an effective teacher is key, but there are other aspects that are just as significant. As a teacher, you also have to connect with your students. Knowing your students on a personal level is so important. The connection can build respect that will, in turn, help them to succeed. Plus, students spend more time with you on a day-to-day basis than they do with their parents — isn't that frightening? So, you have to be able to support them and let them know them that you are there for them if they are having trouble.

Additionally, that connection you build with your students can last a lifetime. You can witness the growth of a student right in front of you. In fact, I am still very close with some of my teachers from elementary school. Many of them inspired me to become a teacher. Because of those great bonds I built, I had the opportunity to intern with some of my past teachers, which was a rewarding experience for everyone. Being able to develop such a connection with someone so different in age is something that is so powerful and that doesn't come with many other careers.

Teaching is so amazing. There are so many layers and beautiful aspects to it. Again, it can be difficult, but it's also a lot of fun. Not many people can say they have fun and laugh every day at work. I also truly believe that not many other people can say their careers provide as rewarding of a feeling as teaching does. To be able to make such a difference in someone's life is an incredible thing. Teaching is my passion. I know teaching will not be only gratifying but something that will bring me pure joy.

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