Texting is great. We can text for hours, and even continue a conversation from the day before. We also send each other funny photos and videos whenever we want. But unfortunately, one-word replies suck the fun out of texting. I understand why people send one-word texts when they start or end a conversation, like the typical "Hey" and "Later." If somehow we get to busy to reply something more substantial, then I get why one-word replies come around too. Other than those times, however, one-word texts just grind my gears; sometimes an awkward silence between you and the person you barely know is more acceptable. Here are six reasons why one-word replies are the worst.

1. They obviously create a boring, meaningless conversation.

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Yawn, baby, yawn.

With all the "Fine"'s and "That's good"s, the conversation isn't going anywhere. Replies like those feel like slow death behind a screen. They're just boring--enough said. Many of us rely on texting as a quick, convenient mode of communication, so why can't we at least expand on something, or say something interesting in a sentence or two?

2. You aren't sure what to reply.

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This is probably the main reason why I don't reply back. I don't know how. One-word texts basically stand for themselves, and there's hardly anything about them you can say in return. At the same time, it's also possible that there are hidden meanings behind them. Who knows, though? We can only assume.

3. You have the urge to say something awkward or embarrassing.

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You might feel weird about doing this, and regret it after, especially if you're just getting to know the person you're texting. They'll probably feel creeped out or have reactions of uncertainty. If I personally know the person, I'd reply something like "My cat jumped into the bathtub," or "I saw a muffin that's the size of Homer Simpson's head," just to see how he or she reacts. It's weird, I know. But I can't help it. Somehow, replies that sound odd, random, or even strange are a good way to strike a better conversation.

4. You ask too many questions.

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Well, I feel like it, Peter.

If you either don't know what to respond or are refusing to say something random, you have the tendency of asking many, many questions. Basically, you're the one who always has to keep the conversation running, not the person who replies a single word or phrase. There's more work for you, especially if you are willing to communicate. Whenever I feel like replying back to one-word texts, I usually do this, hopeful to get at least one sufficient response. My questions range from asking them how their day is going, and how they feel about Kanye West running for the Presidential election in 2020.

5. They come off as rude and uncalled for.

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In situations when you text long paragraphs about something important, wouldn't you want that person you're texting to respond meaningfully? Or perhaps also address some questions you might have in that long text? One-word replies won't cut it. In events when you need to talk to that person (i.e. coping with a loved one's death or asking them how to remove a virus from you computer), one-word replies are not what you're looking for or should expect; they're upsetting and just downright inconsiderate.

6. They make texting useless and lame.

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Maybe it's just better to talk to people you're texting in person if they're the "one-word-texter-but-talkative-in-real-life" type (trust me, I know a few). But at times when texting is the only way you can reach them at the moment, it feels lame. Like I briefly mentioned before, one-word replies just don't make texting awesome anymore.