Why Having Brothers Who Are 10+ Years Older Is A 10/10

Why Having Brothers Who Are 10+ Years Older Is A 10/10

In our family, there is no such thing as “step-brother” or “step-sister.” We are brothers and sisters, we are family.

Having older brothers is truly the best thing I ever could’ve asked for.

Most kids are close in age to their siblings. What is different about my family is that my brothers are older than my sister and I by at least 10 years. Even though we aren’t close in age, it doesn’t change our relationship.

Luckily, I don’t just have one older brother. I have three.

Growing up with my older brothers has always been something I’ve been thankful for. Having them to grow up with definitely made my childhood more entertaining. There has been so many memories we have made. No matter how old I am, I will always remember them. Each one of my brothers has influenced my life and helped make me into the person I am today.

My brothers all have contributed to my life in different ways, and I am so thankful for them. They are all so amazing and successful and I’m lucky to have them to look up to.

My brother Trip has shown me many things. When I think of Trip, I think of a hard-working, dedicated businessman. As a teenager, he started his own business and has continued to succeed as he got older, now owning multiple businesses and real estate.

Something he has taught me is “work hard, play hard." He has always been a very hard-working man. You can tell when you meet him. He works hard for what he has and because of that, he is able to have the cool things that makes him the adventurous one. Something I have always wanted to do was go jet skiing; my brother Trip made that happen. Going jet skiing with my brother will be something I will always remember and I always smile when I look back at that memory with him. Being with him is always a fun time, and I know that if I want to have fun, I can definitely go spend time with my brother Trip.

Not only is he someone I can have fun with, but he is also a great role model for me. He has shown me that I can do anything I put my mind to and that I should never give up, hard work does pay off. He has always been there for me, and I couldn’t be more grateful for him. Trip, thank you for showing me that I should work hard and to never give up on my goals. I will always be thankful for you and the things you have taught me.

My brother Chad has also been a great role model for me. When I think of Chad, I think of a loving, family man. What I have learned from Chad is that family is the most important thing in life. I have always followed that, and I agree that family is extremely important. I will never forget some of the memories me and him have shared.

Chad and I used to go to dinner every week at our favorite Italian food restaurant, and it was always something I looked forward to. Chad has been someone I have looked up to. I definitely do take after Chad when it comes to being loving, caring, and also sensitive, which isn’t a bad thing! He also is extremely hard working and has taught me to never give up for what I want. I know he is always there if I need him and supports me in whatever I do. He truly is an amazing person and has shown me that family is so important. Chad, thank you for being a loving and supporting brother and showing me what is most important in life. I will always be grateful for you and what you have taught me.

My brother Brett has also been someone I’m glad I have to look up to. Ever since the day I was born, my family has always said I am so much like my brother Brett. He and I have so much in common and it’s great that we have each other. I know if I want another piercing or I want my first tattoo, he’s the one I go to. Brett is so fun to be with. I know whenever I am down and need someone to pick me back up, I can always call him and he will somehow manage to turn my frown upside down.

Brett is a marine, like my dad, so he has learned to never give up and he knows that no matter how hard things can get, you are strong enough to get through it. He has taught me the things that he has learned in his life, and is always there for great advice. He always assures me that I can get through the tough times, and has shown me that I AM strong enough to get through any challenges that might come my way. He has shown me that I can do anything I put my mind to. Brett, thank you for always being such an amazing brother and friend. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me.

Each one of my brothers has influenced my life in a positive way. They have all shown me how to work hard, love their family and to be a great person.

In our family, there is no such thing as “step-brother” or “step-sister." We are brothers and sisters, we are family. I appreciate everything my brothers have done for me and the things they have shown me as I have grown up. I am fortunate enough to have 3 supportive brothers!

Cover Image Credit: Elizabeth Lincoln

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To The Girl Who May As Well Be My Little Sister, Just Wanted To Say 'Thank You'

Thank you for choosing me.

We all have those families that end up getting extremely close to our own families and I happened to be blessed by our family friends, they gave me a little sister. I have always dreamt of having a little sister since my wishes of having a little brother have been fulfilled twice, I always wondered what it would be like to have a sister who is younger than me. One that I could pass all of the girl advice on to because I obviously can't do that with my brothers, they'd look at me like I had five heads.

I just wanted to say a few thank you's to you because you definitely deserve them.

1. Thank you for always supporting me.

Even though you are younger than me, you support my dreams and my wishes.

2. Thank you for always telling me what's best for me.

Sometimes I can blind myself and go the wrong direction but you are always there to tell me right from wrong, even if I'm older than you.

3. Thank you for dealing with me when I vent to you.

I know it may be annoying because let's face it, I vent a lot.

4. Thank you for always making me laugh or smile.

Whether I'm having a good or bad day I know you are always there to cheer me up.

5. Thank you for listening to my crazy stories.

I only tell you these so you won't make the same mistakes in the future.

6. Thank you for accepting me.

I know it was hard at first because we didn't really know one another but I'm glad we grew such a close bond.

7. Thank you for hanging out with me.

You are most likely always at the same events my family goes too and I'm so lucky to have you to talk too so I don't have to have adult conversations.

8. Thank you for keeping me updated on everything back home.

I miss out on a lot at college but you always keep me in the loop.

9. Thank you for picking me to look up too.

Not many people would, so thank you.

10. Thank you for being my little sister.

I'll always be here whenever you need me.

Cover Image Credit: Alexis Lynch

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The Thank You I Never Told My Siblings

This is a thank you for the times I didn’t say it. A thank you for when I yelled or cried instead of embracing your hug.

Everyone out there has somebody to thank. The question is though, do they know you appreciate them? My two older brothers are some of the most protective, fun, selfless people out there and I know they would do anything to make sure I am successful and happy. That is a sibling love I wish everyone could feel.

Growing up, they used to frustrate the dickens out of me with how they would behave, how perfect they were, how protective they would be if I even mentioned I was friends with some of the male gender, but they would also have my back.

They’re the someone that drops everything to help me with a hard class, takes time to pick up the phone to check in on me, or remind the boy I’m dating that they aren’t as far as away as they seem if something goes wrong.

Brothers are funny. You think they’ll help you figure out how men’s minds work… but they don’t. You hope they’ll keep their mouth shut about a certain topic so that you can have one calm family dinner. But you never wish for them to leave.

It’s weird growing older and realizing two of your best friends aren’t 10 feet away from you when you’re studying. They have their own lives to keep track of, their own work to get done, and another girl to watch over.

This is satisfying but can also be heartbreaking. As I’ve gone through college, meeting others and hearing about their family relationships I realize I am blessed with a very close family and it should never be taken for granted.

A sister that always wants to talk is a blessing, not an inconvenience, brothers that “remind” other guys that you have a high level of protection is most definitely a perk, and parents that support you no matter what happens is one of the best gifts you can be given.

This is a thank you for the times I didn’t say it. A thank you for when I yelled or cried instead of embracing your hug. This is a thank you for building me and reminding me I am capable. Wouldn’t trade any of the embarrassment you have caused me, for the world. Majority of the time, I bring it on myself.

Thank you to all you have been there when I wasn’t looking.

(Side note: Oldest brother not pictured in the photo, but he is just as relevant as the others)

Cover Image Credit: Lisa Kohlrus

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