10 Reasons Michigan Should Sit Down, Because They'll Never Be THE Ohio State University

10 Reasons Michigan Should Sit Down, Because They'll Never Be THE Ohio State University

Stay in your own lane.

One of the most adorable things in the world is when the little guys try to act tough. So, of course, it's super cute that Michigan thinks they're better than us here in the Buckeye state. Maybe they're just still cranky over that loss Thanksgiving weekend but here, let me just pour a little more salt on the wounds.

1. One of your colors is literally the color of urine

Which is fitting because your football team plays like piss anyway. Besides, no one looks good in yellow while classic scarlet and grey look great on everyone.

2. Also, let's just talk about football

Because that winning streak just doesn't lie.

3. It's cute that you think you have the better band

We aren't called The Best Damn Band in The Land for no reason.

4. We have more fun

During Xichigan week you best believe we block out every letter 'm' on every single campus. And we have one hell of a good time while we do it. Destroying a blue and yellow painted car? One of my best OSU memories.

5. Our campus is breathtaking and homey

Nothing will ever beat gazing across the Oval during fall or even when it's covered in snow. Step foot on our campus and you just feel like you belong.

6. Our food is basically heaven sent

Scicilias, Cazuelas, Tommy's, Buckeye Donuts and so much more there's something delicious for everyone. And most are either open late, deliver or BOTH.

7. Our mascot is the best kind of nuts

We 're good enough that we don't have to try and be 'scary'. Besides, the only good wolverine ever was the one from X-Men.

8. And our alma mater is beautiful

"Summers heat or winters cold, the seasons pass the years will roll. Time and change will surely show, how firm thy friendship O-HI-O."

9. Should I bring up those Heisman trophies?

Seven vs three, how many would you rather have?

10. And an endless amount of Ohio pride

We love Ohio State and Ohio State loves us. Our O-H will always happily be met with an I-O.

That was a really cute try Wolverines, better luck next time though.

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I Deleted Snapchat And Maybe You Should Too

Snapchat, although an entertaining app, may do more harm than good - and it might be time to remove it from your life.

Snapchat has grown immensely within the past couple of years. As of last May, there were an estimated 100 million daily active users which, within the past year, has most likely increased immensely. It seems like everywhere I go, from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, young teenagers to grown adults are using the app. For many, Snapchat is a form of communication and a large part of everyday life. Users can be caught snapping a selfie at the gym or recording a video while walking down the street. It is everywhere, and it is only there to constantly remind me that I do not have one myself. However, I stand by my decision to delete the app off my phone, and I think that maybe you should consider it too.

Snapchat reduces self-confidence while increasing the all too familiar fear of missing out. The whole point of the app is to record your day for others to see. However, the reality of it is that you record the best parts of your days for others to admire so that others get the impression that your life is a dream. Many people might disagree, saying they aren’t trying to prove anything to anyone, but the point of the matter is that if you didn’t want the moments you post to be public, you wouldn’t post them to a social media.

You have the ability to pick and choose which moments you want people to see, as do your Snapchat friends. Unfortunately, people don’t understand this. So, as they sit on the couch watching Snapchat stories, they compare their own way less exciting life to the false representation of their friend's life.

Human beings have a nasty habit of partaking in hurtful behavior - most frequently towards ourselves; so even though we sometimes feel inadequate or left out as we watch our friends be effortlessly amazing, funny or popular in their Snapchat posts, we continue to watch and post in hopes that maybe we can prove ourselves to be that way, too. This is why we all insist on taking pictures at every outing, hangout and party. I believe this has the potential to be extremely detrimental to our mental health, our self-confidence and our overall enjoyment of life.

When a Snapchat is taken, our focus is shifted from what is happening in front of us to what is on our smartphone screen. Living in the moment is an even more difficult task with an app designed to capture moments. We end up capturing a moment that we didn’t fully live. Isn’t that ironic?

I am completely aware that all social media is negatively affecting the way we interact with each other and our surroundings, but Snapchat is the worst offender within the world of social media. To be considered "good" at Snapchat requires constant attention, which takes you away from what happening around you. The moments you are supposed to be living are spent recording or communicating in one sentence captions to someone while making a funny face; instead of enjoying the presence of friends and family, your mind is constantly thinking of how to impress those miles away that you may not even care about.

Finally, Snapchat only feeds our society’s obsession with physical appearance. Other than the exception of the ugly Snapchats you might send to your best friend, the app is another medium through which people can worry and fuss about their looks. It provides space for insecurity where so many already lack confidence.

Deleting Snapchat was a choice I made in a transition period of my life. I had just graduated from high school, I had moved away from home and I was starting to form a life in a new place. I found myself feeling bad about myself as I watched videos of my friends together experiencing all these unbelievable moments while I sat alone in my bedroom. Then, when I was doing something noteworthy, I would think about how others would perceive it as I recorded the moment on my Snapchat instead of experiencing it. It made everything feel forced. I couldn’t expect myself to live my life if I was so focused on watching others live theirs.

So, in an effort to move on and free myself from the stress it was causing, I deleted it. It was a good decision, and now, I don’t feel myself comparing my life to others. I don’t feel left out when I watch my friends together, and I enjoy experiences on a deeper, more real level. Of course, I haven’t cut social media altogether. I still post on Facebook and get excited when I get likes. I have even downloaded Snapchat again at least twice since I initially deleted it. However, each time, I come to the same frustrating conclusion and delete it again.

We already spend so much time on our phones and care what other people think of us. Snapchat - though a clever and entertaining app - is maybe more of a problem than some of us choose to admit. After the two seconds it takes you to delete the app, it could be one less thing to distract you from really experiencing things fully.

I may miss out on the world of Snapchat, but I live more in the real one - and you could too.

Cover Image Credit: http://i2.cdn.turner.com/money/dam/assets/131114162805-t-what-is-snapchat-00002605-1024x576.jpg

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Giannis Antetokounmpo And Christian Yelich Have Put Milwaukee Back On The Map

Two small market teams making sure the world knows who they are


"MVP" is currently being chanted around the city of Milwaukee and the people of Milwaukee aren't just talking about one person. Giannis Antetokounmpo, a forward for the Milwaukee Bucks and Christian Yelich, an outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers. Giannis is on the path to winning this year's NBA MVP and Yelich, who happened to win the NL MVP last year, is showing no doubts on potentially becoming this year's MVP as well.

Both the Bucks and the Brewers have struggled in the past few years. The Bucks finished their 2013-2014 season with a record of 15-67. On top of that, they have been playing in the BMO Harris Bradley Center for the past couple of decades. The Bradley Center was intentionally built for hockey and not basketball so attending games for the Bucks sometimes had you in the nosebleeds barely seeing what was going on on the court. The Bucks struggled after their 2013-2014 season with records of 41-41 (2014-2015) and 33-49 (2015-2016). Now, the Bucks have recently finished their regular season and moved to the playoffs. From 15-67 just five years ago, to now 60-22 which gave them the best record in the NBA, the number one seed in the East and home-court advantage, Giannis has proved himself as potentially one of the greatest players the NBA and the Bucks franchise will ever see.

The Bucks now have a new arena that opened this season, Fiserv Forum, which is built specifically for the Bucks (and Marquette) instead of hockey. Looking back on the Bucks in their previous years compared to now, the Bucks have sold out every single game this season. Something Milwaukee never thought they would see from being a small market team. From my experience, while working for the Bucks, you can see the difference in the crowd and feel their enthusiasm and excitement radiating off of the fans. And this is all thanks to Mr. Antetokounmpo who is making his mark here in Milwaukee. Giannis has won Eastern Conference Player of the Month for October/November, December, February and March/April and even earned his spot as Eastern Conference captain for the All-Star game this year. Giannis may be considered in his prime right now, but he is only 24-years-old which means he has plenty of time to only make himself better.

The Brewers had won the NL Central Divison back in 2011 but lost to the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Championship Series. After that, they struggled a bit and haven't won the title since until last year in 2018. He brought the Brewers to the NLCS last season, but unfortunately, they lost to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Yelich had 36 home runs last season and already has eight (as of 4/16/19) this season. He happens to be a great right fielder as well. In last night's (4/15/19) game against the Cardinals, Yelich alone scored three home runs.

Miller Park has been filling up more and more each game of Brewers fans. Being a small market team like their cross-city friends, the Bucks, bringing home an MVP title as well as a division title, it makes everyone aware of their greatness and dedication. The season may have just started back up again, but there is no doubt, if Yelich and his teammates keep playing like they are right now, they will have another shot of making it to the World Series.

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Christian Yelich have brought and will continue to bring excitement and greatness to Milwaukee which is something the city hasn't seen in a while. This era of sports will surely be remembered for a long time by the people of Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

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