The heartbeat bill was passed in Ohio on April 11th, 2019.

I found out the news while having dinner, and as soon as the words spilled from my fiancé's lips, I felt hurt.

I feel for those women who now are left with no choice. I feel for ALL women, who now don't have this choice.

When I reference "pro-lifers," I normally do it in quotations because to me, it's more "pro-birthers." It almost seems as though, they want women to birth children no matter the circumstances. No matter the medical complications. No matter if she was raped. No matter if she is in an abusive or manipulative situation. No matter if she is not financially stable enough. No matter what will happen to that child when it's born. No matter if it will be born addicted to drugs. No matter the abuse it will go through. No matter the chances of that baby ending up in foster care or in adoption along with the many, many, other children already in it. No matter the life of the child. No matter if she simply just wants a choice.

We all have choices to make in life. Each and every single one of us.

I'm not one to say what you can or can't do or what you can and can't believe in. No one will ever agree to perfection, because we all have our choices in life, and I believe this choice should be in the hands of the woman who is going through it. Like I have said in previous articles, there is no definite answer on when the life of a child starts. Everyone has a different answer to this because everyone has a right to believe what they want to believe in. Everyone has a CHOICE.

I can't imagine it being easy to go through the procedure. I can't imagine someone who potentially wants a family in the future, having to go through that because of health issues or traumatic event. I can't imagine what it would feel like to have been raped and then having to go through something painful again. I just can't imagine this being easy for anyone. And I'm so sorry if you've ever had to go through it. My heart goes out for you.

Some choices in life are harder than others. Some things we do, no matter how hard they may be, we believe it's what's best. So why should we take away safe procedures for women who are struggling? Why should we make a choice for all women? Why the hell does a MAN get to decide what a woman does or doesn't do with HER BODY?

And if you're a woman, and you believe in women's rights, this is a right you should support. Not because you would go through it or because you support abortions, but because women deserve a choice. Recognize that is is a women's rights issue.

I am not saying I agree or don't agree with abortions. I am saying that we deserve a choice to what to do with our bodies.

And women should be given that choice.