One year, three months, and one day.

That's how long I have been writing for Odyssey UCLA.

I posted my first article for Odyssey on September 4, 2017, at the start of my senior year at UCLA.

Aurora, my then-roommate and still one of my closest friends, introduced me to the UCLA chapter when we were building back up the team. At that time, there were only a handful of writers which grew into the armada of brilliant writers that we have today. I remember my first interview with our Content Strategist, Berkeley, and the proceeding nervous feeling of writing my first article.

It was with that first article that I realized how special Odyssey was to be. I received a crazy amount of support from my Content Strategist and my team. It helped that my roommate and I compared notes and helped each other write better and more enjoyable content. I was able to extract comments from my team and improve my writing, but also the angles of my articles. I learned, for the first time, how to angle my content to be read by different groups of readers. I also became more aware of the business and "sharing" aspect of social media to improve and increase readership.

I have grown markedly as not only a writer, but as a deliverer of regular content over the last year. The greatest feature of this publication system was the concept of timing and deliverables that I learned and am still continuing to improve upon.

Writing for Odyssey has changed my perspective of the writing community and opened my eyes to the passion and commitment one has to maintain to one day be a professional writer. I cannot wait to keep going and producing better, more personally-challenging content week to week.

I love being an Odyssey Content Creator. Day 457 and counting.