Throughout the past eight years, the photographer for President Obama, Pete Souza, has shot almost two million photos of Obama. He captured his life from many different angles, showing sides of him that we never would have known he had without these pictures. He showed that Barack Obama was not only our president but a human being with a huge heart. Behind all of the politics and leading our country was a man who loved to kick back his feet and have a little fun. As we wrap up his presidency and get ready to say goodbye, we say goodbye to the man who loved animals, children, family and of course, his country. The photos that Souza released showed us an entirely different side of the man who we knew as our President.

1. His love for animals, especially his dogs Bo and Sunny.

2. His ability to make a child's day.

3. The unconditional love he has for his wife.

4. His good sportsmanship.

5. The carefree way he wasn't afraid to act goofy.

6. His love of fast food. (Sorry Michelle)

7. His ability to not only be President, but also a wonderful father and husband.

8. The way he cared about and supported his fellow politicians.

9. The way he always made time to see people who were fans or supported him.

10. How he kicks back and makes time to do "normal" things like watch the Super Bowl.

11. His casual attire around others sometimes that helps them feel less intimidated.

12. His natural ability to play a joke/take a joke.

13. All of the faces he makes that are entirely relatable.

14. Who could forget his friendship with Biden?

15. And of course, the way he led our country.

Thanks, Obama. You'll be greatly missed.