Why Nyle DiMarco Is An Inspiration For All
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Nyle DiMarco, a (beautiful) 26-year-old male, is anything but ordinary. DiMarco travels, models, dances and signs! Yes, I said that right. DiMarco is deaf, and killing every stigma of what being deaf entails. Coming from the deaf community, DiMarco has risen to the top and is making a name for himself. However, when looking at DiMarco’s life and success, it’s important to know that being deaf is not what makes him out of the ordinary. Instead, it’s how he has completely redefined what it means to be deaf.

DiMarco is continuously breaking labels about what it means to be deaf by showing that deaf people are just as capable as (if not more than) everyone in the hearing world. In the recent year, DiMarco has been on "America’s Next Top Model" (ANTM) and "Dancing With The Stars" (DWTS). Both of these shows have been on for years and are considered of high status if won.

DiMarco started originally getting recognition from his Instagram for posting pictures like this:

(It’s no wonder he was urged to try out, just look at him)

With looks like those, it’s no wonder "ANTM" came across his Instagram and urged him to audition. And what do you know, DiMarco landed a spot on the show for 2015, the 22nd season of "ANTM." Upon his introduction in the show, none of the judges knew he was deaf until he had walked in the room. And that did not matter. Tyra Banks hit it off with DiMarco right from the start.

Over the course of the season, DiMarco was killing it.

In an interview with DCW Television, he explains that being deaf can turn out to be a strong advantage because American Sign Language is a very visual language and requires the whole body to communicate and modeling shares a lot of those same requirements. He was definitely right. [Spoiler Alert]: DiMarco did end up winning "ANTM," which is a huge achievement for him in terms of his success and goals.

After his win on "ANTM," DiMarco was moving on to more opportunities, one including being on "DWTS" season 22. The first thought hearing people think of when discovering this is, how does he hear the music? DiMarco and his dance partner, Peta Murgatroyd explain all their strategies in an interview with Ellen. Dancing for them requires a different communication and to achieve that communication they have developed signals, that include tapping, squeezing, scratching and different hand holds. Currently, he has made it through five weeks in "DWTS" and is outshining everyone. Recently, for his week five dance, he was the first person of the season to receive a perfect 10!

DiMarco has taken on many roles in the past couple years, with dancing, modeling and being a spokesperson for the deaf community. He often collabs with The ASL App, teaching others American Sign Language. DiMarco is not just an inspiration to the deaf but to anyone, proving that anything is possible no matter your limitations.

From countless videos and interviews (including Ellen and Tyler Oakley), guest starring on "Switched at Birth," winning "ANTM," competing on "DWTS" and advocating for the deaf community, DiMarco is one to admire, setting it straight that being deaf is not a setback, it’s a strength

If you want to fangirl more over Nyle DiMarco like I do on a daily basis, here is his Instagram. You're welcome.

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