Real Women Need to See Real Women on the Runway

As it's always been in the fashion industry, models are used to show off clothes that will be sold to the consumers, but as many people may have noticed, all the models seem to look that same. No, I don't mean every model had blue eyes and long blond hair, instead, I'm leaning towards the body shape all of these models have. Almost every major brand, like Victoria's Secret, uses models who are tall, skinny and look like goddesses. Before anyone says I'm saying these kinds of models aren't really women, that's not what I'm trying to say. I respect any model, and I know for sure that Victoria's Secret models spend all of their time exercising and modeling, which probably takes more than just a little bit of work. But this makes me wonder, what about the women who don't have the access to high-end trainers or the best healthy food around? What about the women who have to work all day and all night? The full-time students who also have part-time jobs?

Less than 5% of the population actually has the kind of body that Victoria's Secret Angels have.

The company claimed that they wanted to have a variety of women, but "no one wanted to support them in that idea." Sure… Only 5. What about the other 95% of the women's population? What about the majority of women who watch the runway shows or look at magazines? They're constantly comparing themselves, I should know from personal experience. Watching or looking at things that have been ultimately photoshopped, especially at an early age in life, can cause that significant drop in self-worth and self-confidence…and yet we still have people that wonder why the drop even happens, wow.

Some brands have the step towards the progress of showing a diverse group of real women, like Arie, a branch of American Eagle. They encourage women to feel comfortable in their own skin, having models of all different shapes, sizes, and disabilities. It's encouraging to see that the photos aren't photoshopped either, as people are wanting to see real women, real people. I can see stretch marks in some of the photos, which are entirely natural and can occur when growing by the way, and I don't feel as insecure of my own.

Again, I don't hate the models that go down the runway, as they might feel insecure about themselves too or are suffering from something, I just think it would be empowering to anyone if we can start putting more and more different kinds of women on the runway instead of the same repetitive tall and skinny models.

We're in a time where everyone is encouraging self-love and acceptance of other people. How're we supposed to achieve that if we can't even get the message across? I still see photoshopped models with their crazy exercise and diet routines. For once, I want to see a model that reminds me of someone I might walk by in the mall, or at school. For once, I want to feel comfortable looking at someone who doesn't make me want to compare myself or change
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