Normal Anxiety is not an Anxiety Disorder

Everyone experiences anxiety at one time or another but there is a huge difference between normal anxiety and a diagnosed anxiety disorder.

Normal anxiety includes:

  • Having the ability to control your anxiety
  • Your anxiety does not interfere with daily activities
  • Your anxiety only lasts for a short period of time

Anxiety disorder includes:

  • Feeling like your anxiety is uncontrollable
  • Having trouble getting and being relaxed
  • Obtaining intrusive/ anxious thoughts
  • Feeling restless and fatigued
  • Dealing with nausea and stomach problems

A little bit of my story:

I remember many times, mainly in High School, when I felt so anxious that I broke down crying in class. My anxiety became so uncontrollable that I felt as if there was no way out. When I was in that state of mind it was hard to realize anything else going on around me because the only thing that was evident to me was the way I felt since the emotions were so strong. I remember feeling so lost. I felt so abnormal and inhumane for feeling so out of control. I felt so out of control because I did not the root of why I was so anxious, my brain couldn’t obtain that information. All I knew was the way it felt to have a whole classroom ignore you when you’re having a panic attack during class. If you have any idea what what that feels like, please research more about it. I can tell you, from my own personal experience, taking the time and learning about anxiety disorders lead me to decrease my panic attacks by a tremendous amount.

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