These Noah Kahan Songs Will Always Reign Supreme
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These Noah Kahan Songs Will Always Reign Supreme

How one person impacts my emotional well being at this level is actually concerning

These Noah Kahan Songs Will Always Reign Supreme
Designed by Hailey Hastings

It’s simple, Noah Kahan is the artist who has impacted me the most over the last few years. Every song feels like it's perfectly soundtracked to my life, in a way that's so incredibly rare. There isn't a song he’s crafted that I don't think is beyond genius, so narrowing this list down to my top ten tracks was a nearly impossible feat. I just wanted to give myself the platform to gush about Noah Kahan, so please enjoy! And let me know your favorite track of his!

Also, Noah just got nominated for Best New Artist at The Grammy’s, and I have lost any and all calm i had.

False Confidence

There was no other way to start off this article than with the song that introduced me to Noah Kahan. ‘False Confidence’ while it is an early track, packs as big of a punch as Noah’s recent works of art. That chorus perfectly hits every single time, every time I put this song on I'm a puddle of tears thinking of how far Noah has come, and how happy I am that the world is appreciating him as much as I have for years.

You’re Gonna Go Far

We're only on the second song on this list and I'm already about to let you guys in on the fact that I've been emotionally destroyed by this track. I'm a twenty-something who left my small logging town in Washington state for Los Angeles last year, the first day I heard this song I was walking to my dream job at Universal Studios and was hit with the guilt of leaving home/the pride I felt in actually getting out of my home town all at the same time. I'll forever connect to this song.

Favorite Lyric: “You’re the greatest thing we've lost”

Dial Drunk (With Post Malone)

Okay, I went back and forth a solid million times about whether I should include this version or the OG, but come on, those harmonies had to be recognized! This was a collaboration that I actually DID know I needed, so thank you to Noah Kahan for making this fever dream a reality!

‘Dial Drunk’ was one of the songs that genuinely shook me to the core when I first heard it, it reminded me of all the times I'd let alcohol be the most important thing to me, and how that could have affected those around me, that's a heavy thing for music to bring forth, so leave it to Noah to be able to highlight a situation I hold so close.

Favorite Lyric: “Even the cops thought you were wrong for hanging up”

Orange Juice

On the same spectrum as ‘Dial Drunk,’ ‘Orange Juice’ made me look inward quite a lot. Every time I hear this song I think about how damaging drinking was, and how incredibly helpful it was to have friends that made me feel like i could hang out with them without drinking while I was stone cold sober. I cry every single time this song plays, and would genuinely bow at Noah’s feet to thank him for writing it.

Favorite Lyric: “And no one will tempt you, we know you got sober”

Everywhere, Everything 

‘Everywhere, Everything’ sounds larger than life, and the gravity of that hits me harder every time i listen to this track. There is not a better main character moment than listening to this song while going for a walk in the fall, Noah Kahan's tracks could not be better fitted for the season.I will forever gush about this track to anyone who will listen.

Favorite Lyric: “I wanna love you ‘til were foods for the worms to eat”

Call Your Mom

Adding Lizzy to this song was a spiritual experience for me. And yes, I know that’s dramatic, but it is true. ‘Call Your Mom,’ to me, has always sounded like the exact friend you’d hope to have in moments when trauma is presenting itself and you’re really going through it. This is another song that has gotten a cry or two, or ten out of me.

Favorite Lyric: “All lights turned off can be turned on”

Northern Attitude

Seasonal Depression is a bitch, and doesn't Noah Kahan know it! ‘Northern Attitude” really was written for and about me, no question.I was raised in the rainiest place in the continental US, so the whole concept of “forgive my northern attitude, i was raised out in the cold” just has always spoken to me on a very personal level.

Favorite Lyric: “You build a boat, you build a life, you lose your kids, you lose your wife”


Okay, if you’ve just listened to Noah’s most recent releases please do yourself a favor and do a deep dive! ‘Godlight’ is one of many incredible tracks you'll find hidden in the early years of Noah’s career. I just ed listened to this track for the first time in a while and got full-body chills.

Favorite Lyric: “To know me is to hate me, is to hate what I've become, it’s to watch me as I'm fallin’ from the ladder’s last rung”

Stick Season

‘Stick Season’ was the song that truly jolted Noah into mainstream fame, which has made getting tickets impossible, but is allowing the world to discover an artist who genuinely is one of the all time greats when it comes to lyricism and vocal talent, so it’s a win! Since it’s officially fall this track is having its moment once again, and of course, i’m blasting it loud and proud.

Favorite Lyric: “It’s half my fault, but I just like to play the victim”


I scream “I’m mean because i grew up in New England” a bit loud for someone that has never been to New England, but being from somewhere else that is know for being assholes, i get it.

This song felt like the perfect way to close this article out, because it’s a perfect representation of Noah’s music and vibe.

Favorite Lyric: “I got dreams, but i can’t make myself believe them”

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