Track By Track Review: ‘Stick Season’ By Noah Kahan
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Track By Track Review: ‘Stick Season’ By Noah Kahan

regardless of how heartbreaking the lyrics are, Noah Kahan makes music that is meant to be screamed along to at the top of my lungs

Track By Track Review: ‘Stick Season’ By Noah Kahan
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Basically, ‘Stick Season’ is a fourteen-track, fall-infused, warm hug. Somehow Noah Kahan has put all these intense emotions into these lyrics and melodic choices into the music and made this perfect record to listen to as you're heartbroken and watching the leaves change colors. Noah is without a doubt one of my favorite artists of all time, and I am certain that will be true of anyone who, front to back, gives ‘Stick Season’ a listen.

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Northern Attitude

Let me make something clear, Noah Kahan makes music for depressed people. And thank god for that.

His voice here on ‘Northern Attitude’ feels like it’s perfectly crafted to fill venues. Larger than life. I can’t think of a better way to kick off ‘Stick Season.’

Stick Season

‘Stick Season’ genuinely has had my listening history in a chokehold since it first came out. I have never been to Vermont, however I scream ‘I love Vermont’ with all the conviction in the world. I have truly never heard a song before that embodies fall as well as this one.

All My Love

‘All My Love,’ despite sounding a bit upbeat, actually broke my heart. At first you think it’s this is a song that deals perfectly with breaking up, until you really listen to the lyrics and realize that this person singing is actually really torn up over this breakup, and is waiting around for this person if they ever decide to come around.

She Calls Me Back

Please listen to ‘She Calls Me Back’ with headphones on. God what an experience.

I can’t compare Noah Kahan to a single other artist making music today. As soon as I realized I had ‘She Calls Me Back’ on a loop for over an hour and hadn’t even moved on with the record I realized that.

Every word feels raw.

Come Over

That chorus where Noah is just singing ‘Come Over’ tickles a part of my brain that I didn't know was there. Truly some of my favorite vocal moments I've hears from anyone in so long. This song will be played anytime I was to feel just completely at ease.

New Perspective

I just moved from a small town in Washington to Los Angeles and this song made me ugly cry. Is it supposed to make me miss the small town where “Liberal rednecks get drunk on a dirt road?” I have no idea, but that is what has been done.

Noah Kahan, ill be sending you my therapy bills.

Everywhere, Everything

Without being overly upbeat, ‘Everywhere, everything’ feels sun-soaked.

Hear me out, this song reminded me of the greatest love trilogy of all time, the Before Trilogy. Specifically, Before Sunrise.

Orange Juice

Took me a while to get through this whole track. I am currently on a never-ending battle with sobriety, and man did ‘Orange Juice’ hit hard.

I don't have much to say as im just so overwhelmed with emotion, but I love this song and I love Noah Kahan.

Strawberry Wine

God, Noah’s relationship with his pen is on full display here on ‘Strawberry Wine.’ I could pick out a solid ten (plus) lines that just took my breath away.

Growing Sideways

Ah yes, a therapy track.

Honestly, just the line “I’m terrified that I might never have met me’ has me scheduling an appointment at this moment.

Noah Kahan really shows in this track that he understands the most complex emotions and that he's mastered the art of putting those feelings into song. Something that is beyond rare. I honestly don't think I've seen another artist paint a picture of depression that felt this true to me.


Did I think I was getting a song I could blast on Halloween? Maybe! But I should have known it would instead be a song I will be listening to while on a morning walk as the leaves change colors and I contemplate the meaning of life.


‘Homesick’ is my favorite song on this record. I have it on a constant loop. Anyone from a small town with both the fear of leaving and the fear of never getting out is going to find solace in this song.


After listening to ‘Still’ I genuinely wonder if Noah Kahan has ever been happy a day in his life. There is such real heartbreak that exists in this record.

The View Between Villages

‘The View Between Villages’ is the absolute perfect way to end an album.

All I want is to see Noah Kahan get all of his flowers for this work of art.

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