5 Reasons Sugar Daddies Are Not Worth The Risk
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5 Reasons Sugar Daddies Are Never Worth It, Not Even For That $2,500 Designer Handbag

It's gonna be a no from me.

5 Reasons Sugar Daddies Are Never Worth It, Not Even For That $2,500 Designer Handbag
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Sugar daddies are the hot topic across millennial culture with the rise of designer name brands. While name-brand handbags and belts are circulating through the fashion industry, so are sugar daddies. Ironically, these items go hand-in-hand as the price of these goods is hard for college students to afford.

With this being said, the easy way to get name-brand items, cash, and other benefits is to get a sugar daddy. With apps like Seeking Arrangement, anyone has access to immediate connections with sugar daddies, however, some "daddies" are fake and pose real threats to young girls.

After interviewing multiple girls across college campuses to get the low down on sugar daddies and what they actually encompass, I've come up with 5 reasons having a sugar daddy is not worth the risk:

The cost is more expensive than the handbag.

So many times, people allow themselves to be treated less than how they deserve. A one night stand with a sugar daddy may guarantee that Louis Vuitton, but the self-worth, regret, and other emotional factors are more expensive than the designer handbag. After interviewing girls, one claimed she "regretted the decision" because she had to lie every time someone asked how she got her YSL booties. While some girls love the gifts and attention, others do face regret after an experience.

You could be getting yourself in a dangerous situation.

While not every sugar daddy is dangerous, there are guys out there pretending to be sugar daddies when they are really trying to get free sex, companionship, or potentially harm you. From scammers to sex traffickers, girls need to verify their chosen mate before meeting them or giving them any information.

You sacrifice a lot for the material items you'll get in return.

How amazing is it when you worked for something and can finally get your reward or goal? If you work an extra 15 to 20 hours at a part-time job a week at minimum wage, in about 2 months you can afford that designer handbag you were looking at online. There are even websites to get designer handbags used or you could even rent one. If it isn't about the material items and about the cash, there are other income platforms and avenues to work with as well. The benefit of not having a sugar daddy is that you can decide what you want to do and who you want to be with instead of sacrificing your standards or romantic ideals for the monetary benefit.

Your nudes could get leaked.

Back to the topic of scammers, there are guys out there who genuinely seem like legit nice sugar daddies looking for companionship, but then you are with them and BAM — they are total creeps! Whether you know this or not, guys can film sex/sexual actions (girls, too) without their partner knowing. SDs have been leaking girls' nudes and videos, that were sent for a monetary benefit in private confidence, to places like Pornhub and other online platforms as blackmail.

There's a risk of stalking.

Some sugar daddies get obsessed with the girls they interact with, just like any jealous boyfriend, and begin stalking the girls. This can be very harmful for obvious reasons, but also because many girls are discrete about their sugar daddies to begin with. Once the stalking begins, girls feel uncomfortable about talking to their friends or family due to embarrassment or disapproval, resulting in potentially harmful situations and uncomfortableness.

While there are obvious financial and emotional benefits to having a Sugar Daddy (according to some girls), the cons outweigh the pros and therefore Sugar Daddies are not the move. Each woman should be empowered enough, especially in the 21st century, to not need a man to rely on. Women are just as capable of buying a Yves Saint Laurent bag without a man, as if they were with one. Here to every girl, to let them know they are capable, independent, and have the potential to be anything they want to be without a man or Sugar Daddy!

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