Politics are great. It's how we stay involved and use our voice. If you and your family don't see eye to eye, though, sometimes that particular topic can create tension. Here are some things to do besides talk about politics.

1. Eat

Pretty self-explanatory but don't forget to stuff your face and take a long nap after.

2. Look at old family photos

What better way to bring everyone together than some old embarrassing baby pics of your little cousin or 80s pictures of your parents?

3. Go for a walk

With all of the leaves changing, go out and walk off all of that turkey or mashed potatoes!

4. Go to the movies

My family did this one year when we had school off and it was so much fun. It was packed and we smelled like popcorn after but it was worth it.

5. Bake!

My mom is seriously the best baker ever. Unfortunately, she did not pass on that to me. It's fun to make a fool out of myself with her and my fam in the kitchen any chance I get. Don't forget the most important ingredient of all. Love. xD

6. Play or watch sports

Nothing brings a family or a group of friends together like an extremely violent and competitive sports with two distinct teams who both desperately want to win.

7. Go on a road trip

You'll be so focused on playing Eye-Spy and singing to the radio, I bet you won't even think about politics. Pick a place, pack your bags, and figure out which fast food chain has the best Thanksgiving options on the menu.

8. Tell stories

Chances are, you haven't seen these people in a MINUTE. Catch up, let them know how you are, and share some of your adventures since the last time you saw them.

9. Watch all of the "Friends" Thanksgiving episodes together

This will never not be iconic. Laugh your butt off with your family at this key moment in "Friends" history.

10. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

So much joy. So many colors. The music. The floats. Just watch it and love it.


You're all together for an entire holiday dedicated to bringing people together. Set aside your differences. Set aside past disputes. Just be present.

I know all family dynamics are different and there might be things that can make this holiday awkward. You've got this. Have a happy Thanksgiving and really reflect on who and what you are thankful for.