Just recently I read an article titled "Dear President Trump, Build. That. Wall" and well let me tell you, I've got some shit to say and hopefully clear up for y'all.

Immigration: the action of coming to live permanently in a foreign country.

Obviously immigration is all we've been talking about recently, especially with the spotlight on children of illegal immigrants being held in detention centers like prisoners.

Yes, the United States has clear policies set in place in order to become a resident or to become a naturalized citizen. But you can't do that while not living in the United States. People who come to the United States legally come with visas, which are also acquired through applications. Sure they say that you can receive any one of these within a timely manner, but realistically it can take longer than stated. Even then, applicants can be denied their visa.

It's at this point that many immigrants lose hope because they realize that it's not easy to get a visa, which is usually a working visa, approved. Some will apply again, hoping that maybe this time their application will be approved and they'll be able to come to the United States. Others make the long and dangerous journey from their home country to Mexico where they then cross the border into the United States.

Yes, I agree, coming to the United States illegally and obeying the laws is one thing while coming illegally and bringing harm to those already here is another thing. But implying that most immigrants that cross the border illegally brutally murder, traffic drugs, and rape citizens is wrong. It's statements like these that stereotype Latinos. Saying something like that is like saying that we're all Mexican. And we're not. (According to the United Nations, there are 33 countries in Latin America, so no, we're not all Mexican. Learn that shit first. Please.)

A lot of these undocumented immigrants are looking for work, for better opportunities. They are seeking refuge from the land they know as home because gangs like MS-13, which basically rule all of Central America, and their country's government are working hand in hand. They are trying to escape from the murderous hands of these people who will try and recruit their sons or daughters to join their gang. But yes, please spread the word that we're all like that.

Moving on to the topic of money for our fellow Americans. Undocumented immigrants DO NOT QUALIFY for programs like SNAP or Social Security. Please get that through your heads. The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, or "IIRIRA," signed by President Bill Clinton made that clear. This same act, however, does allow undocumented immigrants to qualify for emergency medical care and opportunities to get an education. For example, the state of New York allows undocumented immigrants who are school age or college aged to attend public schools and even apply to colleges within the SUNY (State University of New York) system. So yes, these benefits do end up eating citizen and resident tax dollars, but for a good cause.

Asking "But do you want to take that chance, or would you rather keep your sons, daughters, wives and other family members safe?" tells us that you believe that we don't deserve to be here because our parents, our family couldn't come the lawful way. My mom was lucky that she got her visa application approved, was able to get a green card and be a U.S. resident when she married my father, and most recently, lucky that she finally became a naturalized citizen. But that's not everyone's story.

Asking President Trump to "Build. That. Damn. Wall." demonstrates the privilege you have that you were born here in the United States.

It demonstrates how little knowledge and appreciation you have of how hard the immigrants, legal or illegal, work in order to provide for their family. A family that followed them across the border or that lives miles away in a different country. You say deport all the undocumented and build the wall, but who's going to work in the farms when all the immigrants are gone? You? I bet you the hell you won't. Why? Because you'll think that it's work for someone beneath you because of the long and hard hours with very little pay.

So no. We don't need no damn wall built. Especially if your ignorant ass is going to be going on vacations to these beautiful Latin countries and posting pictures of yourself at some fancy resort with some cliche caption.